bitcci Runs Token Sale and Lists on P2PB2B

The token sale session for bitcci has already started and is available on its website.

20 billion tokens will be sold in the ICO. More than 35% have been sold to more than 2000 token holders until now. bitcci cash token buyers may sell their tokens immediately after the ICO ends, or offer them on trading platforms. bitcci cash token is expected to appear on P2PB2B after the ICO.

bitcci: What is it?

bitcci was founded in 2017 with the vision to change the culture of the sex industry. The idea behind it is to decentralise and optimize sex services. On top of that, it uses the latest technology to ensure the participants’ safety. Below are some of the key features of the organization:

  • Users can send and receive bitcci cash tokens. This solves the problem of ‘frozen’ accounts common to sex workers. The brand will also make its application and website more secure and user-friendly;
  • With roots in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the company plans to build new nightclubs and offer blockchain-based payment solutions. Its native token presale sold out in 15 days. The company also raised 1 million CHF in the first two weeks of July 2021. With the money obtained, the company is planning to improve its Swiss headquarters;
  • Globally connected, the brand forms partnerships with Blockchain organizations in Europe. The club management software, bitcci Club, is now operational in five of the largest sauna clubs across Switzerland;
  • Signed up sex workers will receive global identification using a forensic KYC and ID verification system, called and be able to offer services globally. Sex workers will be able to market their services through the application, giving them a chance to reach international clients;
  • The brand also plans to start the “bitcci nightclub network”. A network of premium class nightclubs in hotspots around the globe. The “bitcci Building AG”, a public stock company, which will be founded soon, will purchase ten plots of land in Europe in 2022;
  • bitcci does not support any third-party services, as shown in its legal notification. As part of the ICO, bitcci releases a token indicating its liability as a service provider for the platform’s services;
  • bitcci is successfully resolving sex industry conflicts and challenges by introducing an electronic payment platform, where bitcci cash token is fully integrated;
  • bitcci IT platform will assist the workflow through a central club management system. Among its services is the registration of sex workers with authorities, personnel planning, and administration of online portals.

Why Choose bitcci?

Through bitcci, conflicts in the sex industry are eliminated and a new, contemporary culture of acceptance, transparency, trust, and freedom is established. It optimises, regulates and decentralises the entire industry, utilises innovative technologies, and makes it free and secure for all its participants.

Sounds interesting? Join the bitcci cash token ICO on its website and prepare for its upcoming listing on P2PB2B! Also, don’t forget to follow bitcci on social media:

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