How BitherCash Coin Is Revolutionizing P2P Cryptocurrency Transfers

Cryptocurrencies are slowly changing the world. Already, they have had a great impact on the financial sector. Due to the relative success of many established cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Tether, more people are aware of cryptocurrencies and the benefits they offer. The community needs to capitalize on this enthusiasm to make cryptocurrencies more mainstream.  This can only be possible if there was a cryptocurrency that facilitated the fast and convenient transfer of money between peers all over the world.

BitherCash coin is the cryptocurrency that will facilitate this. It is based on the Bitcoin Core, but it has been created to accommodate both Proof-of-stake and proof-of-work. This hybrid system gives it the versatility that is lacking in the major cryptocurrencies. Essentially, it takes the benefits from the major cryptocurrencies and combines them on one platform.

Some of the endearing features of BitherCash Coin include next-generation security. A three-prong security protocol is in place on the blockchain. The first is the encryption of the entire blockchain. Anyone who is not on the platform will not be able to access any sensitive information on the platform. Second, the user accounts are masked using pseudonyms that prevent hackers from accessing user information.

Bithercash : Pure Lending Plateform

Third, the platform is decentralized ensuring that the information will be completed protected. Most centralized platforms, like banks, are attacked by hackers using brute force attacks. However, since BitherCash is decentralized, the ledger holding the transaction blocks is synchronized on all the devices. The only way that hackers will access the information is by hacking all the devices using over ten supercomputers simultaneously. Since this is improbable, BitherCash is 100 percent secured.

Apart from security, the BitherCash development team worked hard on the APIs support high volume coin transfers at high speed. This makes BitherCash coin the best cryptocurrency to facilitate remittance, payment processing, and peer-to-peer money transfer. All this can be done with ease.

This gives investors different avenues from which they can make money. The first is by staking BitherCash coins. The interest earned is determined by both the amount and the length of time the individual lends the coins. Another avenue is by trading BitherCash coins with other cryptocurrencies. As a peer-to-peer remittance coin, the mobility means that the difference in demand and supply will give investors a decent spread where they can make money. Finally, the coin is expected to appreciate as it becomes adopted by more people continually. As a result, an investor can simply buy BitherCash Coins and use them as a store of wealth. Since it is similar to Bitcoin in many ways, it will appreciate in roughly the same manner.

If you would like to invest in BitherCash Coin, you can simply take part in the Pre-ICO hat starts on November 28th or the main ICO starting December 5th, 2017. The ICO will be conducted over a span of 45 days. This is a prime opportunity for investors to get coins at discounted prices. Interested investors can get further information on

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