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Avatar Gautham 2 years ago

Unless you’re completely disinterested in technology or have been living under a rock, you’ve most likely heard about cryptocurrencies. What started out as a long shot to dethrone the central world banks has gained huge popularity in the music industry. In this digital age, musicians use this intriguing technology to take control of their financial futures by harnessing cryptocurrency to monetize music royalties.

It was only a matter of time before cryptocurrency totally invaded the music industry. The proliferation and potential applications of blockchain seem to be a perfect fit for the numerous challenges musicians face including managing their content, organizing events, analyzing data and engaging with their fans.

Why can crypto be a good tool for the music industry?

The beauty of cryptocurrency is it removes the many middlemen who stand between an artist, the record label, and the public. This allows more money to flow into the pockets of those who hold the music royalties rights in a far more timely manner.

There are several crypto enterprises currently shaking up the music industry. For example, Bitmark has partnered with the Asian streaming giant, KKBox, to create a platform to pay artists immediately. The Vezt platform allows royalty holders to sell off their rights for a specific length of time. The last giant of the crypto market is the BlocForm Global (BFG) company that has successfully built a ready to use eco-system for fans, travelers, artists and consumers around the world to utilize the BFG token for payment.

The BFG project has an established international ecosystem. It partners with groups from USA–China-Japan-Korea-India within the entertainment, travel and merchandise industries who are ready to accept BFG tokens to purchase exclusive content as well as other goods and services.

The BFG Payment gateway is ready for services:

1.  Mobile APP World Celebrities

Collecting Big Data: 100,000,000 fans (download digital content)
Membership fee
Revenue from Advertising Services
Revenue from Stickers Selling

2. Mobile APP E-Commerce

Selling Products/Services to The Global Market
BFG Payment Gateway in The Global Market
Business Owners and Members Create their Online Store with Their Merchandise

3. Online Booking Service

Booking Flights, Hotels, & Resorts in 200 countries
Airport VIP Turnkey Services Including Membership
BFG Payment Gateway for Online Booking

Followers and fans can enter and subscribe to the ecosystem by using a mobile or desktop app to purchase concert tickets, download music, buy autographed posters, view live concert streaming and book airline tickets using BFG coins. Moreover, fans have an opportunity to be awarded BFG coins in exchange for reviewing songs or having high activity levels in the ecosystem similar to earning points on a rewards card.

In turn, celebrities and artists are able to produce and publish their music, videos, concert footage or personal interviews and get paid directly by their fans for these services using BFG coins.

Blocform Global has the great solution

Concerning BFG Tokens, the company has a valuable proposal for their clients. When people use these tokens, they pay minimal transaction fees without any additional third-party fees like ticket service or agent fees. The BlocForm Global Token (BFG Token), based on Ethereum and ERC20 cryptocurrencies, uses blockchain technology to secure and validate transactions without the involvement of 3rd parties. This token is the way to break down old barriers between fans, celebrities, and consumers by opening a direct channel of communication and trusted e-commerce transactions in the Entertainment & Travel Industries.

At the same time, Blocform has set up partnerships with Gudao Culture, Global Topstars and TopTrade representing over 150,000 subscribers and 1 million fans. Since we all love entertainment and to have fun with friends, the Global TopStars App is a perfect option. This is a worldwide platform and place where the BFG token is used to purchase digital contents including Music Audio, Music Videos, Movie and Sticker collections from idols. The platform provides the ultimate online payment solution for global consumers and merchants to use BFG Token to purchase goods and services through online stores built based on the Top Trade App.

Why do you need to buy BFG?

  1. TeBFG Project is a great international cooperation of 3 big companies in U.S, Singapore, and China.
  2. BFG was able to build a successful ecosystem with GLOBAL TOPSTARS APP and TOP TRADE APP.
  3. All apps can easily accept the BFG token in global online payment in the spheres of entertainment, e-commerce and the travel industry.
  4. The BFG ecosystem provides a great variety of goods and services to attract big communities like fans, travelers, consumers, merchant. All of them can use the BFG token in available shops.
  5. BFG has a special offer for Early Buyers.
  6. Users have generous content and good news published on a regular basis.

The the most important fact is Blocform ITO (Initial Token Offering) began on May 10th. The token price is currently 1 ETH – 4580 BFG and bonuses are available. Don’t miss this a cool opportunity!

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