Blockchain and Healthcare? This Entrepreneur Is Leaving His Mark In Multiple Industries


Matthias Siems has built a nine-figure portfolio investing primarily in healthcare technology and the Blockchain. His company, the Taru Group, has built an extensive network of entrepreneurs, doctors and investors through which they invest in medical startups that are developing innovative solutions to addressing medical issues – particularly in the cardiovascular space. They also invest a substantial amount of capital into the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry because they believe that it has created opportunities for prosperity around the world.

Although Siems does not have a degree in cryptology or medicine, he has influenced both industries through his strategic investments. Since launching his company in 2016, he has invested in dozens of companies that are looking to make a difference in their industries. While there are certainly multiple industries that he could’ve chosen to invest in, for him, his investments are more personal than business. “Having seen medical issues ruin people’s lives, I am determined to make a change.” Every investment he has made has been to improve the lives of others dealing with health/medical problems.

Whether investing in Blockchain/Cryptocurrency or the Healthcare industry, Siems offers more than just working capital to his partners. He looks to provide them with everything that they need to exponentially shorten the time needed to find success. “I provide founders and visionaries with a network and a platform where they can act successfully.” He is also able to offer his partners a unique connection to capital market policy news from around the world. This connection gives him the clarity to guide both shareholders and investors in a direction that leads to success. That is because he believes that technology and innovation are the solutions to many of the world’s health issues. “Technology can permanently improve people’s lives.” An example of this that stands out is how technology and blockchain have unlocked opportunities for people in poverty to change their financial status. “A twelve-year-old sitting on his mobile phone or computer can generate income through a game in the digital world to provide his seven siblings with food in the slums of India.” This is a real possibility and the sort of idea that motivates Siems to keep investing in companies that are using technology to change the world.

When it comes to healthcare, Siems believes the same thing. So many great ideas just need the right support to come to life. By leveraging his network of doctors and entrepreneurs, he is able to locate and support visionaries that are looking to transform the medical/health industry through technology. “Cardiovascular diseases are constantly on the rise globally – a problem in every country. Strokes and heart attacks can and must be corrected with innovative heart medicine and technology.

Siems combination of passion and business has already allowed hundreds of individuals and companies to make an impact on the world around them. Still, for him, this is a lifelong process. As his COO says, “Matthias Siems will only give up when everything possible has been tried….” Until he has reached his goal of transforming the world through Cryptocurrency and Healthcare Technology, Siems will always be looking to support those that share his goal.


Matthias Siems is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Taru Group. Through his investment company, Siems is dedicated to helping fund innovative technology in the medical industry – specifically dealing with solutions to cardiovascular disease. His company has offices around the world and has built networks with universities, doctors and business leaders in an effort to stay current with the latest technological advances in medicine. Siems goal is to help improve the lives of individuals around the world through his consistent investments in the medical and healthcare sectors.


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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