Cardano And OKB Fall But Big Eyes Coin Set To Benefit From Sparklo’s Surge

Blockchain exchanges have come a long way since their inception. From only being able to trade BTC, ETH, and LTC, to trading hundreds of cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. The next generation of blockchain exchange is here with Sparklo—which now allows users to trade precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Sparklo quickly garnered traction throughout 2023 and is still in the presale phase. Investors are bullish on Sparklo, with experts predicting that the Sparklo token will rise by 1,500% by December 2023. Investors must prepare for OKB, Cardano, and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to be the most impacted by Sparklo.

What Is OKB In Crypto?

OKB is a crypto coin that is central to the OKEx exchange – a platform where users can trade various cryptocurrencies. OKB coin provides OKEx exchange users with multiple exclusive bonuses. The OKB coin value is heavily dependent on the success of the OKEx exchange.

OKEx launched in 2017 and placed in the top 6th best exchange on CoinMarketCap. The platform is supported by over 350 cryptocurrencies and is available in over 200 countries.

With OKEx users beginning to take an interest in Sparklo and Big Eyes as OKB price declines, investors are led to believe that OKB’s bearish days are still yet to be over.

What Is Cardano In Crypto?

Cardano (ADA) was a blockchain network founded by Charles Hoskinson in 2015 to be the alternative platform to Ethereum’s Network that uses the Proof-of-Stake mechanism that was more efficient than Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work mechanism.

The network allows you to set up smart contacts, build DApps, and complete decentralized transactions connected to a Cardano wallet. The Cardano (ADA) token is the currency on the network—allowing users to pay for services & goods on the network.

ADA has fluctuated in price significantly in 2023, with its price dropping by 4.06% within the previous week. With Sparklo providing more options for trade, and new interoperable networks emerging onto the scene, such as Chainlink, that allows you to use multiple cryptocurrencies on a network—investors are moving to these more diverse platforms, and Cardano is proving to struggle against the new competition in the crypto industry.

Big Eyes Coin Primed For Success With Crypto Network Competition

With more exchanges on the market and increasing ways to trade, there will be greater access to purchasing up-and-coming meme coins that are set to become the next DOGE or PEPE, or even BTC! Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a likely contender thanks to its meme power, ethics, and ambitious projects.

BIG is still in its pre-sale phase but has already managed to garner over $38 million in these early stages. The branding of BIG is themed around the cutesy art of cats, attracting the cult following of cat meme lovers out there in the world. Purchasing and making transactions with BIG is a fun and playful experience—harboring personability unlike the estranged representation of monarchs and parliament on fiat cash that people have no genuine connection to.

Big Eyes Coin will launch an online casino and 14 P2E games to populate its metaverse. There will be an NFT Marketplace to purchase digital assets you can flaunt, share, and trade at the NFT Sushi Crew—a club for the Kitty Cuddlers that are NFT holders!

At the heart of BIG is charity. The project has already donated $15,926.20 to 15 charities, including ocean sanctuaries. BIG has dedicated 5% of its total token supply towards a charity wallet that will grow over time – a bold move to save the environment!

Meme Coin Visibility & Access Grows

Interest grows in Sparklo and Big Eyes Coin, both positioned to overtake their contenders in the blockchain exchange and meme coin space. Both are currently in pre-sale, with BIG being sold at its stage 3 price of $0.00017 per token for a limited time only! BIG already has racked up $36 million in pre-sales—indicating the market is bullish for BIG’s future.

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