Cardano, Solana Upgrades May Boost Prices, As Ape Brigade Enters The League Of Best Long-Term Crypto Investments

HODLing is one of the easiest ways to earn money from crypto investments. However, how do you find the best long-term crypto investments?

The answer is simple: By reading this article and getting updated with three of the latest developments in the crypto industry.

The first news is that Cardano has implemented two significant upgrades; node v.8.0.0, and Hydra Head, which altogether aim to improve the general efficiency of the blockchain.

Secondly, Solana, which is known for its ingenuity and innovative drive has released its ChatGPT plugin that will introduce AI functionality to the ecosystem, which is a milestone achievement in the expansion of the web3 space.

Thirdly and most importantly, Ape Brigade continues to stun investors with its concept and mission, which drives them to pour in money funding for the project.

Cardano: Polished Features and Consistent Improvement

First and second-generation blockchains are faced with what is accurately coined (no pun intended) as the “blockchain trilemma”. This is the battle between scalability, decentralization, and security, where one must be sacrificed to maintain the other two. Cardano is on a mission to fight this trilemma and create a blockchain ecosystem where none of these are sacrificed.

The latest upgrades from Cardano are significant contributors to this mission. The node v.8.0.0 upgrade pushes for governance action for on-chain polls and enhances fairness in mempool logic and new commands. Furthermore, Hydra Head is the layer 2 protocol that has been implemented to enhance the block   chain’s scalability.

Since these upgrades were announced, Cardano has been on a steady rally with the price rising almost 2%. The further implementation of these upgrades is predicted to boost the blockchain, which is an excellent condition for investors.

Solana: Expanding The Web3 Landscape

Solana is a blockchain that is revered for its innovative capabilities and future-focused mission. In the past, it has made many vital contributions to the industry and has led the way for many environmentally friendly initiatives, including being one of the first to greatly reduce its carbon footprint. Considering all of this, it comes as no surprise that the blockchain is among the first to venture deeply into the web3 landscape.

The blockchain has announced the creation of its open-source ChatGPT plugin that will allow users to access the blockchain directly from the AI software. Joining the long list of AI venturers, the plugin will enable Solana to query chatGPT about activity that occurs on the blockchain, including transaction information, and will allow users to conduct basic transactions such as transferring between wallets and buying NFTs.

Although the functionality of the plugin is limited at the moment, there is optimism that this will cause a stir in the market and lead many others to follow. This has brought the price of Solana up by 100% since the announcement and cements the bullish sentiments that surround Solana, making it a fantastic opportunity for long-term investments.

Ape Brigade: One of The Best Crypto Presales

Meme coins are known for their innovative and unique concepts. Whilst most revolve around domesticated breeds like cats and dogs and are built for turning profits, Ape Brigade does something completely different. It is a coin designed to raise awareness for animal conservation and, by combining crypto and animal welfare, the project aims to create an impactful movement where people are motivated to help protect them.

Ape Brigade is a community-run meme coin platform and engages with this community through social media, events, and various other channels. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the ERC-20 token $APES is transparent, secure, and easily accessible. Furthermore, users can keep the project stable with liquidity by staking their tokens for a specific time and thereafter receive additional tokens as rewards.

Moreover, it also plans to release NFTs that have a two-pronged approach. The user can collect and store these NFTs to trade at a later time and turn them into profitable opportunities. Whereas for the platform, a percentage of the proceeds will go toward animal conservation organizations.

Ape Brigade presents a new and exciting opportunity to not only create wealth for yourself but to also create abundance to sustain animals. Join Ape Brigade in saving the animals today.

In conclusion, the crypto market is in a wide state of recovery and is finally starting to show the first glimmers of hope with its phenomenal performance in recent months. The side of best long-term crypto investments is enriched by the likes of innovative and sustainable projects like Ape Brigade. Investing in these projects will potentially lead to a rise in price and make for excellent returns.

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