Chasyr is The Future of Ridesharing


Chasyr has gained a reputation for being the new and improved rideshare option everyone has been anxiously waiting for. Like a vindicating cowboy hero, they have come to fight for justice and stand for freedom, as they set the bar where others will have to rise to meet it. They have already begun the process of building a prototype that will help them secure the insurance and licensing they need to become a TNC in California. They have an active team of forward-thinkers that is growing by the day. Their newest addition, Nav Dhinsa, brings over 10 years of experience as a former employee of ride-hailing industry giants like Addison Lee and Gett.

“Chasyr has the ability to distribute value much more fairly between the company, driver and user than any of its competitors. Chasyr has the potential to disrupt the disrupters.” – Nav Dhinsa

One of the most intriguing elements in Chasyr’s business model is the implementation of cryptocurrency. They confirmed speculation of an ICO at TechCrunch Disrupt in September. Chasyr tokens will be used for ride credits and tipping. Although the tokens will not be required to use Chasyr, they intend to make the experience of using cryptocurrency a fun and organic one. Both riders and drivers will be given tokens as rewards for joining Chasyr and accomplishing milestones within the app. This seems like a fun way to get a hold of some crypto if you’ve never owned any. As for existing crypto “hodlers”, they will now have another option for using their crypto in the sharing economy.

Chasyr has added a FAQ page to their site with good news for their future users. Ever have to pay $925 for a ride because of surging? Not anymore. Riders will be happy to know that with Chasyr they can forget about surge pricing. Drivers no longer need to wait in their cars with bated breath for surge or “primetime” because they will still be making a nice profit without it. Driver fees will only be 15%. This is half of what the current rideshare platforms take from their drivers.

These two aspects alone will already be great advantages for choosing Chasyr over current rideshare options. The good news does not stop there either. As stated in their global Facebook group, they have plans to decrease fees to as low as 5% once their token alone can boost the self-sustainable company they aim to be.

The Chasyr team is passionate and has everyone’s best interests in mind. They have even alluded in their Slack channel to have more tricks up their sleeves. They are working swiftly and making moves. Join their email list on their website to stay up to date with all of their progress and announcements. It is only a matter of time for Chasyr to become the disrupter everyone says they will be.

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