CHRYSOS is More Profitable than Other Cryptocurrency Platforms


New Cryptocurrencies are mushrooming in the market. Most of them are similar in terms of what they offer. They are mostly currency wallet with different names. CHRYSOS stands apart from them. It offers something different which are genuinely unique. Truly, it looks different in the gathering of other Cryptocurrencies in the market.

CHRYSOS is totally new blockchain rather than based on Ethereum platform. It is using hybrid mining algorithm of POS (proof of stake) and POW (proof of work) to generate more genuine and accurate consensus. From the algorithm point of view, this methodology to reach a consensus is new and unique in the blockchain technology market. Adoption of this robust and feature-rich algorithm keeps CHRYSOS ahead of the competition in the Cryptocurrency market.

CHRYSOS blockchain is a decentralized public ledger which uses cryptography to encrypt the data to secure the whole blockchain. Every data block gets synchronized with each data transaction and follows the consensus. This makes the whole blockchain highly secured and keeps hackers way apart to steal or attack any data block. This is the reason the world has fallen in love with blockchain technology.

CHRYSOS blockchain uses forging methodology to record data transacted in the public ledger. Forging is different from mining. Forging make consensus or validate the data transactions instead of relying on miners each time. CHRYSOS platform provides high-speed peer-to-peer transactions to send money to others, remittances, payment processing etc. The platform is technically ready to perform thousands of data transactions in a fraction of a second. This is due to the architecture of the platform and low latency APIs used. As data storage is decentralized, the uptime becomes hundred percent. Above all, the low transaction fees at the platform make it coin user-friendly in all the way.

Besides the P2P coin transfers, investors can participate in the lending program the platform offers. Investment in the lending program is done by using the coins available in the wallet of the user. Lending programs offer a high interest rate on the deposited coins. The return on investment (ROI) is paid every day. These returns can be re-invested in the lending program or can be staked in the wallet. Staking, keeping the coins in a wallet, for a specific period also pays a lucrative dividend.

CHRYSOS is going to launch lending on 27th Jan 2018. Anyone can start subscribing to the lending program with their CHR Coins from 27th Jan on the lending portal.

CHRYSOS have its own internal exchange where anyone can buy or sell CHR coins. It is also listing CHR coins on external exchanges. Currently, it has finalized date of listing for Yobit and HitBTC. CHR Coin will be listed in both the exchanges on 27th Jan 2018. Also, it will start its own internal exchange on 27th Jan 2018. Anyone can start trading CHR coins on exchanges after the listing. For more information, visit website

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