CODEX: The Exchange That Changes the Way You Trade Crypto


A fast-developing and growing market of cryptocurrencies are full of various options for trading. An increasing number of exchanges bears witness of a high interest in digital currencies and their possible use. Only CoinGecko has over 250 exchanges listed which is not even a half of the trading platforms presented in the market. A wide list of criteria starting from security and ending with the fees charged are considered when opting for one or another exchange.

The competition between trading platforms is huge, so for any new exchange, it’s a challenge to introduce something that traders have never seen before. CODEX exchange entered the market in November 2018 and has taken over crypto enthusiasts attention from the very start. The platform already has an audience of over 2700 active traders and generates a trading volume of more than $400,000 daily.

What is CODEX?

CODEX is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange for trading, buying, and selling digital assets. It implements a sustainable growth strategy and supports the most reliable and legit cryptocurrencies. CODEX follows an easy-to-use approach in order to give its traders the most simple, safe, and reliable crypto exchange.

What does it offer to users?

The platform has chosen a low-fee policy in order to make crypto trading more affordable. CODEX has a 0% fee for deposit and charges only up to 0.05% maker\taker trading fee. Besides, exchange users get an access to a rapid trading system, free internal transfers, high-level security with EdDSA API and 24/7 client support. Traders can make safe and fast transactions within the network of the exchange and beyond. An easy-to-use API and high liquidity will help both newcomers and professionals in the crypto market to experience a new level of trading digital assets.

The team has also come up with a variety of programs where each user can participate and get certain benefits. CODEX Loyalty Program, for example, allows to get daily bounties for trading and storing CDX tokens. Affiliate Program will reward traders with up to 40% of trading fees received from invited users.


In order to stimulate growth of the platform, CODEX has launched its own cryptocurrency – CDX. It is a native token of the exchange based on the EOSIO platform. The supply of the token is provided through trade mining and equals to 2 billion coins. CODEX doesn’t use ICO or any fundraising scheme. Instead, CDX can be earned by simply making trading operations within the platform. The tokens are distributed among all traders proportionally to the trade fee that they’ve spent and a current CDX balance.

For more information, visit the official website of CODEX exchange:


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