Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX: COIN), the blockchain venture builder and investor that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies, is pleased to announce it has acquired a 30% equity stake in StartupToken Limited (“StartupToken”), a provider of accelerator and advisory services to technology start-ups and companies looking to undertake Token Generation Events (“TGEs”), sometimes referred to as Initial Coin Offerings (“ICO’s”).

Agreement Highlights

Under the terms of the Agreement, Coinsilium will:

  • Acquire 300 shares representing 30% of the equity in StartupToken Limited, for a total consideration of £360,905.28 at a valuation circa £1.2m to be satisfied by way of a combination of shares and cash payments;
  • Pay £276,694.05 to be satisfied through the issue of 3,255,224 Coinsilium shares at 8.5p, representing a 3% premium to the 28 day VWAP, and a further cash payment of £84,211.23;
  • The shares are subject to a 12-month lock-in agreement (six months hard and six months soft); and
  • Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia to be appointed to the board of StartupToken

Additionally, the Company has agreed to provide StartupToken with a six month convertible loan of US$100,000, with 5% annual interest. If converted, this will equate to a further 6.40% equity at a valuation of circa £1.2 million.


The investment is aligned with Coinsilium’s strategy of leveraging its first-mover advantage in the blockchain technology sector to provide advisory services to companies targeting a Token Generating Event (TGE). As a result of the acquisition the two companies are able to provide an expanded range of services to advisory clients including:

  • Consulting, Marketing & Event Services
  • Token Modelling, White Paper Drafting
  • Acceleration Services
  • Roadshows, Media, Training

About StartupToken

StartupToken Limited is a Gibraltar registered company operating a Token Sale advisory service and developing a global network of Blockchain startup accelerators. It has been actively trading since May 2017 and has generated revenues from consultancy fees and the organisation of Token Sale roadshows of US$226,000 with projected success fees from current clients of between $809,510 and $3,393,005 equiv.

Malcolm Palle, Chairman of Coinsilium, commented:

“This important strategic investment strengthens Coinsilium’s foothold in the fastgrowing digital token space. We have already established a good working relationship with StartupToken and have been greatly impressed by the speed at which they have been able to gain a strong presence in the industry. We look forward to working closely with Yacine and his team and using our combined experience to add value and fast-track the scale up of the business.”

Yacine Terai, CEO of StartupToken commented:

“As founder of StartupToken, I am extremely pleased to have received this vote of confidence from Coinsilium which I consider to be one of the most respected companies within the blockchain investment space. ‘Token Sales’ are a new form of funding which is taking the blockchain world by storm and with the support of Coinsilium’s experienced team and its influence, StartupToken is now ideally positioned to become one of the leading accelerators within the global Token Economy.”

The Directors of Coinsilium Group Limited take responsibility for this announcement.

About Coinsilium

Coinsilium is a blockchain venture builder and investor that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies. It does this through its consortium of top-tier investors, industry thought leaders and executive managers.  Based in London, Coinsilium’s focus is on driving innovation in fintech and blockchain technologies, enabling businesses to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Coinsilium shares are traded on NEX Exchange Growth Market, the primary market for unlisted securities operated by NEX Exchange, a Recognised Investment Exchange under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

For further information about Coinsilium please visit

About StartupToken

StartupToken is a hyper accelerator preparing entrepreneurs to grow their blockchain projects into successful startups wishing to issue tokens to support their development. StartupToken helps its clients reach the necessary level of engagement with their communities worldwide thanks to a full-service package including legal and technical support, token economics and token modelling, compliance, events organisation and growth hacking.

StartupToken supports creative, disruptive, and feasible concepts using blockchain technology for the democratic economy and is fast becoming a key actor in the blockchain ecosystem bridging regulators, businesses and crypto enthusiasts.

For further information about StartupToken please visit

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