Sneak Peek into the first peer-2-peer Asset Management Platform for crypto currencies– Covesting


Covesting, a fintech startup is creating a platform to bring copy-trading and professional asset management to the cryptocurrency world. Copy-trading has been wildly popular in traditional financial markets, but it has yet to be implemented in the crypto-industry. Professional and amateur cryptocurrency traders can create a “Model” where they allow other investors to “subscribe”. When investors subscribe to a Model, all the traders the Model Manager executes, are also performed in the account of the investor in real-time. The Covesting platform was built to monitor the performance of traders, allowing investors to evaluate the traders they subscribe to, and offers transparency and security to investors who are not comfortable trading cryptocurrency on their own.

Exact details and screenshots of the platform have been limited until this week. Covesting released screenshots and details of how their platform will work on their Medium blog, giving investors and the crypto community some insight ahead of the MVP release coming in late November.


A sneak peak at the Covesting platform’s dashboard gives unique insight on how the platforms main page where investors are able to track their historical performance, see the top coins they are invested in, view their transactions, as well as the latest feeds from Model Managers they are linked to.

The Pre-ICO has been live for just over two weeks, and has been wildly successful despite very limited marketing. Over 100% of their goal has already been raised as they approach the 50% of the Pre-ICOs hard cap milestone. The presale is limited to only 5,000 ETH and will run until November 19th, or until the cap is reached. Over 1100 investors have taken the opportunity to participate in the Pre-ICO as many expect the MVP release prior to the public ICO to attract a lot of interest and drive prices higher.

Covesting CEO Dmitrij Pruglo: “The MVP development phase has gone well in line with our expectations. We are creating a really cool product for investors and traders. By continuously adding features, building a strong community, and aggregating data, Covesting is about to become a leading blockchain based peer-2-peer asset management and trading platform for cryptocurrency markets.”


A look at the Model Manager profile page allows us to see all the information that Covesting will present about each Model that is offered for subscription on the platform. A small profile about the trader, as well as detailed and filterable statistics on their past performance and current holdings is all displayed in a beautiful UI.

Interested in learning more about the platform or participating in the pre-ICO? Visit where you can access the full white-paper, see the brilliant team, and learn more details about the project roadmap.

You can also find Covesting on social media:



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