Cryptospace Moscow 2017: “This is not just a party, this is a historic talent grab…” “We’re bigger than US Steel”


December 8, 2017. More than 55 speakers from 30 countries, more than 3000 participants, 6 sections, 12 hours of speeches and continuous networking. At Cryptospace, the largest blockchain and crypto event of the year, the world’s blockchain celebrities discussed crypto trading instruments, blockchain implementation into business, predicted the price of the bitcoin and chose the best ICO project.  Ted Lin comments: “A dynamic crowd, a spectacular venue, and a professionally run event. What a way to meet with the crypto community of Russia”.

 The message has been spread with great resonance from every spot of the crypto world, way beyond the Russian crypto community. The world is ready for innovation, the point of no return has been passed a while ago; the blockchain technology is about to revolve everything. We are looking at a world of no double-spending, we are now putting more bricks into the basis of decentralized control, communities and industries attract more and more attention to the innovative potential.

On 4 stages of The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO there were continuously presenting their expertise over 50 speakers, something that found listeners in an over 3000 attendee audience. Since the world of technological advance forgives no waste of time to make the most intensive event, Cryptospace organizators managed to pack and unite a three day content into one day, and it worked to everyone’s benefit only: nowhere else in 2017 you could see so much activity to twist your focus in one day, but the audience only seemed to crave for more: even by the end of the conference nobody saw the halls empty – moreover, the speakers and panels were receiving attention till the very late evening.

The most frequently asked question was about the bitcoin price. According to the famous cryptotrader Peter Sin, by the end of the year we can expect the Bitcoin price fixing at around $ 20,000.

The big part of the conference was divided in 6 sections dedicated to various aspects of the blockchain world, and many world’s most influential developers, creators, authors, investors and mass media experts introduced the public to the highest advances of all possible revolutionary implementations of blockchain.

William Moguayar, best-selling author of The Business Blockchain, presented his book in Russian and opened the event session.

“Most of the projects will fail, but we can afford it. With $ 400 billion in the crypto-ball, we can take 1% and spend it, and I tell you another way to look at this. This is not just a party, this is a historic talent grab. Crypto has absorbed the greatest talents in the world in service of open-source”, Miko Matsumura, Founder at Evercoin, LP Pantera Capital.

“There were no opportunities like now before. You can pick from 1300 different startups. Everyone has access to the most exciting projects, the most exciting technologies, and this tsunami may go up and down but it’s definitely is growing in speed and acceleration and more and more money is flying into this category from all the countries around the world”, Alex Mashinsky, CEO at Celsius Foundation.

What was essential is the point of the whole event was to highlight the opportunities of the big tomorrow’s economy that are starting their way today, and in the growing financial power of cryptoworld many were looking for a place to be. A lot of speculation and consideration dedicated to cryptotrade was driving people together, so one of the most intensive sections went non-stop for the whole day, and many speakers contributed: “As a matter of fact, most people are losing their money for they only deal with frequent speculation”, Anatoly Radchenko, United Traders. The lack of knowledge about the market will in the future be filled with worldwide expertise. “I would say almost all the investors to support an ICO at some point find themselves in a sell-out-bro-down situation”, which only proves the idea we lack too much information right now and we need the data to become worldwide available.

“Cryptospace helped paint a clear picture about how I need to spend more time in Russia and help with blockchain security needs. The high level of engineering talent in this nation is more enabled now than ever before”, Hartej Sawhney,

But the theoretical knowledge that we are about to spread is little use without a practical image, to which gave a significant value 20 projects that took part in the pitch-session. ICO audit professionals from KICKICO, ICO Rating and IIDF united their efforts at analysing the projects to choose one to fit the new economy’s criteria best.

As big on the scale of the last two years was the event, so is the opportunity for everyone to improve and develop the new era together: and the prize is not solely monetary. The prize is knowledge, vision and powers to create more opportunities for others. To witness this, the Podari Zhizn Fund was collecting support at the conference and managed to raise 1.7 BTC during the event. This fact proves the world of crypto does not only revolve around money: it focuses on the transit to a better future for everyone.

“Skolkovo’s Cryptospace has definitely marked its place on the map of global fintech. The best and the brightest got yet another platform to exchange and contribute to the amazing growth of the industry. The conference shows that a turning point for Russia’s crypto community has been reached. It’s not only growing by the day in numbers but also has matured enough to realize common interests”, Cyril Gilson, Senior Editor at Cointelegraph.

To sum everything up there is simply too much great stuff to release in one piece, so every part of the long day will be processed and shared not to miss a single grain of knowledge and expertise; besides, the producers hope the world of crypto will receive even higher support on Cryptospace in spring, 2018, but for now get ready for a tornado.

“As a journalist focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, I’m always looking for individuals with expertise in the field. Cryptospace Moscow proved to be a wonderful opportunity to meet such people and discuss ways to work together in the future. It brought together a healthy blend of recreational crypto enthusiasts and passionate entrepreneurs”, Dimitar Mihov, The Next Web.

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