DAO.Casino Announces Release of Alpha Decentralized Casino Platform and Dice Game on Smart contracts

DAO.Casino Announces Release of Alpha Decentralized Casino Platform and Dice Game on Smart contracts

March 31st, 2017 — Ethereum-based blockchain platform DAO.Casino announces the release of its new front-end platform and a provably fair dice game.

The decentralised project, which expresses a business logic to support the growth of a fair and sustainable gaming industry, has till date focused on developing and testing applications in backend. It is now for the first time that DAO.Casino is introducing an alpha-platform that would enable players to discover games, and developers to find players.

The alpha platform opens in a browser — a simple web-based interface — and it especially caters for users from non-technical backgrounds. Players, therefore, don’t need to know why this particular platform is cheat-proof; they only need to know that it is capable of offering better services, higher payouts and a variety of games from different indie developers.

“That’s why the DAO.Casino core team, apart from working on the smart contracts / incentive mechanism layer, is releasing a front end platform. To keep the ball rolling, we are also working on games: both in-house and developed by partner teams,” — states Ilya Tarutov, the CEO of DAO.Casino.

This platform is integrated with Ethereum’s testnet, and comes with a small amount of test ether.

For playing on mainnet players are advised to wait till a fully functioning vault is implemented which is now in progress.

To deliver an alpha version with the least dependencies on the user side, it is using Infura for the Ethereum node and centrally hosted front end. Consequent releases will use decentralised front end hosting and stand alone applications to interact with the system.

Platforms need games. DAO.Casino has coupled the release of its alpha platform with the release of its new game, Dice. This makes Dice the third addition to DAO.Casino’s decentralised gaming and gambling ecosystem.

While the game is still in its test phase, DAO.Casino is already ensuring that its outcomes remains provably fair. It has further released the programming code which underlies the random number generation technique. DAO.Casino, in fact, wants to be better and, as it quotes, “need a more advanced “magical spell” for providing unpredictable results in the Dice game.

“To take things to the next level, we are working both in-house and with Ethereum developer communities to create an RNG solution which would be scalable and suitable for a new kind of gambling industry,” — states Konstantin Lomashuk, the Architect of DAO.Casino.

About DAO.Casino:

DAO.casino is protocol: an open ecosystem for gambling games that don’t rely on a trusted third party. It is a decentralised governance system built on Ethereum that automatically rewards all developers, auditors and community members for their contributions. Players can discover and play scam-free games by accessing front end platforms with a familiar and straightforward user interface.

Website: https://dao.casino 

Platform: https://platform.dao.casino       

Email: team@dao.casino

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