Dash 2 Trade Presale is Selling Out Quickly: $7.5M Raised and Last Stage Approaching.

The Dash 2 Trade presale is selling out much quicker than expected as investors scramble to get a piece of the crypto intelligence and analytics platform at lower prices before the last stage goes live.

The presale continues to gather momentum after hitting the $7.5 million milestone, meaning that it’s already 86% sold out. Once the presale hits $8.757 million, the price will increase from $0.0513 per D2T to $0.0533 in the next stage.

The next phase of the presale is Stage 4, and it will be the final opportunity to get your hands on D2T tokens before the product officially launches and the token hits exchanges.

Dash 2 Trade 86% Sold Out as Presale Approaches Last Stage.

The presale for the D2T token has already sold 86% of its allocation in just under six weeks. The presale went live on October 20th and has raised over $7.5 million in a short period.


The price for the D2T token is currently set at $0.0513. However, once the presale hits $8.757 million, the price will increase to $0.0533 for the final stage.

The D2T token will power the Dash 2 Trade platform, which provides in-depth crypto analytics, predictions, and market insights. Traders that use the dashboard can create market-beating strategies to become consistently profitable.

Users will require the token to access the dashboard and its flagship features. Although there will be a free version of the dashboard, most components will need a monthly subscription that is paid using the D2T token.

Dash 2 Trade Dashboard Set to Make You More Consistently Profitable

Dash 2 Trade is a world-class crypto analytics and intelligence platform designed to help traders take their results to the next level. The dashboard will maximize the success of traders through actionable crypto trading signals, market predictions, and social analysis to help them make more informed decisions.


With the crypto market moving at lightning speed, it takes a lot of work for traders to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the space. Dash 2 Trade understands that one of the most significant success factors for traders is the ability to make decisions based on actionable insights. Therefore, a trader with up-to-date knowledge of market movements, social analytics, and on-chain data can make consistently better decisions to beat the market.

This is precisely what Dash 2 Trade seeks to provide.


The platform offers some the following features;

  • Actionable trading signals to make trading decisions
  • Social sentiment and on-chain analysis to keep ahead of the market
  • A bespoke presale scoring system to make investing in crypto a safer space
  • An in-depth strategy builder to test new strategies before risking real capital.

That’s not all. The platform offers much more that includes features such as whale tracking, Telegram tracking, new crypto listings, trading competitions, and much more!

Investors Eager to Participate Due to Strong Team Track Record

Investors are eager to participate in the presale for D2T after learning about the team’s successful track record. The people driving the project are the same group that created Learn 2 Trade, a popular forex signals and education platform established in 2017.

Learn 2 Trade became highly successful in the Forex industry and attracted a user base of over 70,000 traders. The team is now attempting to replicate its success by delivering a crypto-based analytics platform.

The same team has partnered with profitable crypto traders, quants, and AI developers to create the crypto-based trading dashboard and ecosystem.

Final Stages Approaching After Revised Hard Cap

Due to the increased momentum in the presale, the final stage is quickly approaching. This will be the final stage after the team recently revised the hard cap to $13.4 million.


Dash 2 Trade revised the hard cap because the product is well ahead of its development schedule, meaning the product’s rollout is imminent, and the funds raised in the presale will be put toward a robust marketing campaign.

The team also realized that the Dash 2 Trade dashboard is exactly what traders need now with the changing market conditions. In the wake of the FTX Contagion, the in-depth intelligence will help traders conduct improved due diligence when investing in crypto projects. It can also help them avoid putting money into scams, honeypots, and rug pulls.

Once the presale is finished, the D2T token will go live on a handful of tier-1 exchanges. The team has already announced that LBank will be one of the first exchanges to list D2T;


Furthermore, they also stated that BitMart would list D2T on launch with more announcements on the way;

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