Decentraland and The Sandbox Dominating GameFi Industry – Will Avorak AI Live Up To The AI Crypto Hype?

The world of gaming is rapidly evolving, and the latest buzzword in the industry is GameFi, a combination of gaming and DeFi. Decentraland and The Sandbox are two of the biggest names in the GameFi space, offering players the opportunity to own and monetize virtual real estate. With their innovative approach, these platforms have garnered a lot of attention and investment. Meanwhile, as the industry continues to grow and evolve, a new player has entered the AI crypto arena – Avorak AI. The crypto news notes that this newcomer will live up to the hype surrounding AI crypto and the DeFi world as a whole.

Avorak AI

Avorak (AVRK) is an AI platform striving to automate and streamline human-led tasks that require creativity and trading. The AI crypto platform intends to reduce the time and resources of executing tasks. For instance, the Avorak Trade helps monitor markets and analyze voluminous data to execute accurate trades.

Avorak AI ICO surged through its initial phases to return a rise of more than 140% to stand at $0.145 in its current phase 3. Early investors earn a bonus of 8%. Avorak AI is boosted by a positive audit that assures holders of transparency. Avorak AI intends to raise funds to develop and fortify the security of its platform.

The Avorak AI platform packages AI technologies that provide easy-to-use, seamless, and efficient services to users. These technologies incorporate natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and deep learning algorithms. By leveraging NLP and machine learning techniques, Avorak AI presents several tasks, including text generation, data analysis, and crypto trading.

The AVRK token is deflationary, with a limited supply of 40 million. AVRK tokens help users to subscribe to services and settle network fees. As presale surges, analysts on YouTube are positive about the project.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual gaming world of virtual digital assets depicting NFTs. Users can use the Sandbox coin to buy or create virtual digital assets, including land.


Decentraland is a 3-D digital game powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The Decentraland coin, MANA, helps users purchase or lay claim to a virtual land. That virtual land is called LANDs, and the Decentraland coin, MANA, is instrumental in its purchase. Users can also purchase other goods and services like virtual coffee or tickets, making MANA significant in the metaverse.


The rise of GameFi has opened up new avenues for gamers to earn money while playing their favorite games. Decentraland and The Sandbox have already made significant strides in this space, but the entry of Avorak AI has created a new wave of excitement and potential. The use of AI technology in gaming is still in its early stages, but the possibilities are endless. It is clear that GameFi is only going to get bigger and better, and the competition will continue to drive innovation and progress. The future of gaming integration with AI is certainly looking very bright.

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