Launches ICO 2.0 #DAICO a Trustless,Contract Based P2P Freelance

January 15, 2018, Kowloon, Hong Kong – Ethearnal has decided to put up its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to provide investors an opportunity to monetize and benefit from a full-fledged P2P freelance system. The company is planning to launch the ICO 2.0 offering in January 2018.

Ethearnal is a peer-to-peer freelance platform developed with the aim to serve as a bridge between businesses and skilled individuals. It is a holistic, secured platform where all parties can engage with each other, gauge competencies, and enter into a client-freelancer relationship to achieve a mutually agreed upon result. Disputes are settled fairly through a decentralized arbitrage system where a pool of independent moderators resolve issues through voting.

“Ethearnal has the potential to revolutionize the way freelancing systems work. Thanks to Ethereum smart contracts, both employers and freelancers can have peace of mind that their investment, be it money, time, or, effort, is safe and secure. That’s the beauty of working using blockchain technology – you incur lower trading costs and have a trail of transactions on public record,” says Stanislav Uzunchev, Co-Founder of Ethearnal.

What makes Ethearnal unique are Ethearnal Reputation Tokens (ERTs). The company has managed to create a framework that tokenizes reputation for businesses, freelancers, and even moderators. The rule of thumb is that the more ERTs you have, the higher your visibility will be in the network.

“The secret behind the high effectiveness of our reputation system is that ERTs are worth real money. The owner can buy, sell, transfer, or trade them in any way they wish. Creators decide how much reputation or ERTs each party must put at stake. It’s only natural that bigger projects will require a larger amount of ERTs, ensuring that only serious and capable people participate in them,” said Vladimir Vladimirov, Co-Founder of Ethearnal, while explaining the USP of the Ethereum-based freelance model.

Ethearnal levels the playing field for small investors and ensures equal investment opportunities through a dynamic ICO cap that increases by the passing hour. Investors will have complete control over their investment, empowering them to continue or terminate the project at any stage to get a refund for their investment.

When asked about the future game plan for Ethearnal, Vladimir said, “By the start of Q2 of 2018, we will have our decentralized system online for moderating and curating records, followed by the release production network and software. By the end of 2018, we will launch Ethearnal iOS and Android apps. Also, our team is working on a number of technologies to fine-tune and innovate the system, which are planned for 2019.”

About Ethearnal

A seamless peer-to-peer freelance system designed to connect freelancers and employers, Ethearnal enables businesses to hire skilled and talented individuals to work on their projects in a well-organized and secure manner. Ethearnal utilizes the optimal functionality of trustless smart contracts, a decentralized arbitrage system, and a well-thought-out tokenized reputation management framework to enable everyone involved to keep their end of the bargain. With employers, freelancers, and moderators all having ERTs at stake, every party strives to deliver on their promises.

Learn more about Ethearnal’s ICO at

Media Contact

Company Name: Ethearnal
Contact Person: Stanislav Uzunchev
Email:  [email protected]
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong

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