Etheroll’s Ethereum Dice Game Crowdfund Ends in Less Than 5 Days


Etheroll is an Ethereum-based, provably-fair and transparent dice gambling Dapp that enables individuals to place bets on the result of a virtual 100-sided dice roll, with no deposits or sign-ups, using Ether – the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Etheroll’s timing could not be better as it enters the crypto-gambling market and bringing with it, the much anticipated, fully-fledged, traditional dice gambling experience to Ethereum. Using Etheroll’s unique web-based UI, players can set their odds as low as 1%, or as high as 98%. A world first for Ethereum.

Etheroll’s game code is a smart-contract residing on the Ethereum blockchain which allows for a level of transparency and accountability traditional online casinos simply cannot provide. The decentralized and immutable nature of their smart-contract layer ensures players can bet with 100% confidence their funds are not being held by a 3rd party or subject to the risk of hacks, theft, or misconduct by the Etheroll smart-contract, unlike traditional online gambling models.

The Etheroll crowdfund runs until February 27th and ÐICE tokens are strictly limited in supply. There will never be another mintage of ÐICE tokens.

ÐICE token holders are granted special rights functionality within the Etheroll platform, and as a collective enjoy a share in 100% of the profits the house generates, proportional to the number of tokens they hold.

Etheroll’s ERC20 standard ÐICE (ROL) token will be tradeable on popular crypto-exchanges and Etheroll has a live launch date scheduled for late March 2017.

Visit or email [email protected] for further enquiries.

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