Did You Ever Want to Buy Shoes with Bitcoin? With Tokia Debit Card You Can!

This year brought a wild ride for Bitcoin and the majority of other most popular cryptocurrencies. The market capitalization over the last year increased more than ten-fold for Bitcoin alone and now is around $150 billion in comparison with $12 billion last year.

It is pretty clear that cryptocoins are here to stay. The value still shows strong signs of the uptrend and all your investments are probably booming as we speak. However, how come these currencies are still away from circulation in our everyday life?


New era for retail shopping


Since you might have bought your Bitcoin or a couple of Ethers a while ago, there is not too easy for you to reward yourself for a great decision you have made. And what is a better way to do so if not simply spend some of the capital gain on the things you like most.

Some of these things might be shoes. It might also be a dinner in the fancy restaurant with your beloved one or a decent weekend in Ibiza with you friends. In order to pay for any of the mentioned ideas you could always use ordinary currencies like dollars or euros. However, what if you want to actually take a small bit of your Bitcoin, Dash or Ethereum savings?

Tokia exchange and direct blockchain payment card

Here is where Tokia comes in. It is a new financial technology startup which provides an option to easily buy exchange and spend your cryptocurrencies.

Tokia combines a convenient cryptocurrency exchange platform where every user can convert their FIAT money to desired cryptocoins (or vice versa). Also it allows to trade one cryptocoin for another which is great if you spot a particular investment opportunity and would like to exchange your current coins to the other.

If that sounded great wait until you read this: The Tokia debit card will enable you to shop using your cryptocurrencies directly. The debit card will be linked to any of your preferred blockchain currency account in your digital wallet. This way the conversion to the FIAT money will be executed at the exact moment of purchase at any point of sale anywhere in the world where all ordinary bank cards are accepted.

One of the most impressive features is that paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocoin using Tokia direct blockchain debit card will take you 2 seconds. It is much better than 3 (or more) days if you would like to perform the same operation using traditional banking systems and cards.

This is definitely the beginning of the new era for crypto investors in relation to the whole retail market.

Simplicity for blockchain based products

Since blockchain isn‘t something new in general, yet there still are too many obstacles for convenient usage of the products based on this technology. What Tokia is aiming to do – is obviously to simplify the most popular operations so that it would be accessible to everyone.

“Tokia debit card is one of the finest examples of how the process that is comprehensible to everyone and new generation of technologies can be combined. It makes synergy that is necessary to fill the air in order to successfully develop the business and services that will be adapted to everyday life by ordinary people.” 

– says Anna Lunhu, the CEO of Tokia.

Tokia starts their ICO

On the first round the early investors will get -47% discount on the limited token edition. It is a great chance to become a part of the revolutionary blockchain adaptation to everyday life. This project will change how we perceive all cryptocurrencies and the scope of their utilization.

Investors, who contribute to Tokia by purchasing more than 1000 tokens, will be able to exchange ten-fold of the capital for free.  This will guarantee that if you like trading and exchanging your crypto coins this will eliminate the cost of the conversion.

To all contributors who get 3000 tokens or more Tokia will deliver their debit card for free. It is something to look forward to as it is clear that such innovation will revolutionize the blockchain world as we know it today.

The market hard-cap for the pre-sale is only 10 million Tokia tokens.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin will be the cryptocurrencies accepted during ICO.

More importantly, Visa and Master Card will also be accepted for buying Tokia tokens.

Tokia ICO pre-sale campaign starts on the 4th of December. Information about even more impressive benefits for Tokia token holders, visit the ICO page.



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