FIL-Toronto Summit: Storverse Won 1st place in Data DAO Hackathon

Storverse, built on SAO Network, won 1st place in the multi-chain storage track of Data DAO Hackathon co-hosted by Filecoin Foundation and Filswan and demoed on Binance Live on Sept 28th.

The winner NFT belonging to Storverse:

Quick View on Data DAO Hackathon

Data DAO Hackathon is a sub-event of FIL-Toronto Summit hosted by Filecoin Foundation, Orbit, and FilSwan, aiming at bringing together 100+ Web3 users and inspiring the next generation of Web3 builders, to empower developers to solve significant problems, ship innovative applications and shape a more decentralized, robust, and secure web.

There were over 70 BUIDLs with their projects scattered over issues such as decentralized storage, NFT, content monetization, as well as Metaverse technologies etc. Taking an overview of the outstanding projects like Afiant, IPFS Computing Router, Datapocket and of course @Storverse, a conclusion can be drawn that data privacy, data ownership as well as data management have turned into the major concerns of Web3 storage.

Invited by @DoraHacks, Storverse presented itself to the public on Binance Live on 28th September. There Storverse introduced its vision and future roadmap, mentioning its key technologies for the first time. With solid technology backup, we can feasibly expect Storverse to fulfill its missions.

Vision of Storverse

As a decentralized content platform, Storverse applies itself to providing a solid and comprehensive content marketplace for Web3-natives and creators, and to making it secure, easy, and intuitive for users to own, manage or monetize their content as they please.

Generally speaking, Storverse acts as a marketplace for both free and paid content to meet diversified data storage, retrieval as well as management needs of both Web3 and traditional centralized applications or users. In the first place, Storverse provides application-oriented storage services based on @SAONetwork for customization and integration with Filswan MCS to increase Web3 storage accessibility. Additionally, Storverse supports content monetization through an encryption mechanism which enables creators to manage their data access via private key. Last but not the least, Storverse is to protect data privacy via zero-knowledge proofs and privacy-preserving computation.

As Storverse won out for tackling issues inherent in IPFS/Filecoin, the core developer Leoren.eth (@leoreneth) said, “Data stored on Filecoin or IPFS is publicly accessible to anyone with content IDs. End users have to encrypt their content before uploading if the data is not accessible for free. However, while the files stored on Filecoin/IPFS lack metadata like file details, keywords and description, the generated content IDs are meaningless for other users who’d like to buy and view the content.

To improve data security and availability, Storverse works out a solution of splitting and encrypting files in a distributed way, which means no users or platforms but only the owners could access complete content for free. “We want to provide a public content marketplace where content owners can choose to share for free or monetize their content while others can easily discover content using resource indexing as needed on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis,” Leoren.eth mentioned. That’s exactly what Storverse does.


What is SAO Network?

SAO Network is a decentralized storage infrastructure for Web3. It provides a decentralized storage protocol based on IPFS & Filecoin to increase the adoption of Web3 content storage and facilitate its ecosystem applications.

Hedra Labs, the core developer team of SAO Network and Storverse, was established in Singapore in 2021 as a blockchain-focused R&D taskforce teamed by industry pioneers, senior architects and developers from both fin-tech and blockchain fields who are dedicated to the development and evolution of Web3 and decentralized storage networks. Its ultimate goal is to provide a solid and comprehensive storage platform based on SAO Network for Web3 applications and make it secure, easy, and intuitive for users to own and manage their data.





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