Florio: The platform that aims to move (half of) the world!

A recent study from McKinsey shows that almost half of the world’s adult population could be overweight or obese in 2030. At the moment the report states that nearly 30% of the global population is overweight or obese. The World Health Organization estimates that physical inactivity causes 5.3 million deaths a year worldwide. Making Low fitness the strongest predictor of death.

Its global economic impact amounts to roughly $2 trillion annually, or 2.8 percent of global GDP— nearly equivalent to the global impact of smoking or of armed violence, war, and terrorism. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what will be at the top of the list in 2030.

How do we reverse the trend? Unfortunately, there truly is no magic diet, no weight loss wonder, or thinning superfood. Nevertheless, the solution is rather straightforward. The answer lies within ourselves. In our motivation. A healthy living is only possible is you’re able to maintain this way of living, by doing everything it requires. To sustain healthy living it needs to be fun.

That’s exactly what Florio is aiming for, spreading a healthy attitude around the world whilst keeping it fun. In order to do so, improving motivation is the key to success. Research shows that the best motivator for exercise is getting into a competition. Additional research shows that challenges with money incentives work best if done properly.

Florio is a health platform based on the basic principles of motivation. Florio makes it possible to challenge friends, family, a colleague or anybody else by use of a monetary award. If you supposedly would like to lose weight, you could choose to make it an individual goal or share it. You can challenge one friend or an entire group of friends. Together you determine the exact goal, the duration and how much money is at stake. During the challenge, the app provides advice on how to achieve the goal and stay motivated. After the challenge, the money goes to the winner of the challenge. Basically, the platform is about challenging one another all the while offering support, winning and celebrating a healthy lifestyle.

At the core of the Florio ecosystem is the Florio token (FLR), a cryptocurrency which is used as a reward for the challenges. One of the reasons to use the blockchain technology is to ensure that the platform remains open, honest and transparent for everyone. In times where big corporations influence people by lobbying their way into the government, it is key to stay independent and objective. The 18th of November Florio will launch an Initial Coin Offering for the FLR token.

In order to make the world a healthier place we need role models in every layer of our society. Luckily we were overwhelmed with enthusiasm. In just a couple of days global sports brands, top 100 most influential sport & wellness people and international athletes expressed that they are willing to be one of our role models. In total, they will help us reach 10’s of millions of people. This will give us a head start in reaching as many people as possible and get traction in the early growth stage. Some examples are Garrett McNamara (world record for largest wave ever surfed), Nick Kyrgios, (top-20 ATP tennis player) and Rachelle Chase (one of the biggest fitness influencers). Simon Dunn (Olympic athlete), Jessica Lauren (Fitness guru, Model & Athlete) and Sam Pilgrim (ex-World Champion freeride mountain biking). Soon Florio will release a Preview app for iOS and Android. Florio gives away 5 million FLR tokens for free. The earlier you are; the more tokens you will get. The token supply is limited so keep an eye out for the download link on https://florio.io to claim your free tokens!

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