FLUX Announces the Launch of the World’s First Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem

FLUX announces the launch of the ICO-campaign of a global decentralized gaming ecosystem based on blockchain technology. This is the first solution on the e-sports market that provides a decentralized interaction of gamers, viewers and the platform itself. FLUX is an ecosystem that provides multi-level interactivity of the gaming process, as well as gives players numerous new channels of monetization of cybersport achievements that are not available on existing platforms. FLUX is also a platform for competitive games and tournaments, a market for game products, a platform for online broadcasting of games and funding of game projects.

The team of FLUX creators includes professionals with deep practical experience in e-sports, the gaming industry, digital television, media, blockchain technologies, and have an excellent practical understanding of the market structure, consumer behavior, and conversion attraction models.

“FLUX unites two huge industries (crypto and gaming) and benefits both. The gaming industry is one of the fastest developing industries in the world, but nevertheless its potential is much larger than it seems.” says FLUX CEO Alexandr Sushko, “We see blockchain and crypto currency in conjunction with competently built ecosystem for gamers as an excellent solution for the industry.”

The FLUX economy assumes absolute transparency, absence of boundaries, and its own token (FLUX) will be the main means of payment within the ecosystem. We are also pleased to note the willingness of leading professionals in blockchain and e-sports to be among the partners of the project. Together with the project team – this is a highly reliable fusion of the best expertise in the industry. Our partners are:

Business Opportunities and Interaction

In terms of business, FLUX is a multipurpose tool, and not a service for solving one or more specific tasks. It is an independent game content generator and a potential partner for other e-sports platforms. With its help, it is possible to constantly integrate new products and attract as many partners as possible who will interact with the audience with the help of blockchain technology.

FLUX will open up new possibilities for beginners and for well-known developers, streamers and non-professional players, as well as pave the way to the “big league” for a huge number of little-known and medium-sized gaming disciplines.

Our main goal is to give the industry a versatile ecosystem, in which users can satisfy all their interests and requests and earn from them.

We offer a versatile apparatus that will enable players to earn on victories in competitive matches and tournaments, trade in-game objects, conduct game broadcasts, or raise funds for developing their own game within the framework of the platform. Investors (who have invested in internal games) and developers will receive a certain commission for each gaming transaction.

The FLUX ecosystem is built around the game process. While the players compete among themselves and generate their prize money in the game using the Matchmaking platform, and also buy/sell items related to the game, using the FLUX trading platform, or buying goods in the FLUX store, the developer (Game Creator) that uploaded and verified their game on the developer market, FLUX receives a portion of the commission taken by the platform from transactions and game prize pools.

If the Game Creator has raised funds to create this game using the FLUX crowdfunding platform, some of its income is also distributed among investors.

In addition, the gameplay can be broadcast using the FLUX Streaming platform and integration with Twitch, so the platform receives new audiences, and the Streamer automatically receives a reward.

The whole ecosystem is built using a system of multiple smart contracts, so all of the described actions are handled automatically.

With the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the whole process becomes as transparent and automated as possible, which makes the platform a strong extension of the existing industry and enables the use of crypto currency in real business.


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