Genesis Vision Will Make the Financial Market a Global One

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Genesis Vision is the first private trust management platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The platform will unite the exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and transparent network, and create an automated ecosystem for investments and profit distribution.

The main idea of the project is that every trader can be a manager attracting money and earning income both for themselves and for the investor. Besides, the manager is always totally open and the investor is protected as all investment and profit distribution operations are conducted through smart contracts, and the entire trade history of the trader is validated by the blockchain.

The project started on November 10, 2016, when the company’s founders Ruslan Kamenskiy and Dmitry Nazarov won the all-Russian hackathon in the nomination Finance and Blockchain. Early in 2017, the team was joined by Alexey Kutsenko, CEO of, a company engaged in the development of software for financial institutions worldwide.

The team’s expertise in the development of financial software and traditional money management systems, enhanced by profound knowledge of blockchain, provides for the implementation of a project that will change the world of finance. Uniting all the participants of the system, the company contributes to the globalization of the finance industry and making it more transparent. Time has come for new decisions. So long as the industry suffers from “overregulatedness”, on the one hand, and the dominance of dishonest market players, on the other, it cannot develop. Genesis Vision will promote decentralization to break down all the barriers between traders, managers, brokers, and investors while ensuring stability and conditions for further expansion.

The team has managed to engage the most authoritative experts of both traditional and cryptocurrency financial worlds including Konstantin Gladych (Changelly), Demetrios Zamboglou (Lykke AG), Lars Eriksson (Genova Global Hedge Fund), Roman Nester (Segmento), and others. The Genesis Vision partnership network numbers over 400 brokers throughout the world.

Already in September 2017 the Financial Commission, an independent organization engaged in solving disputes in the finance industry, certified the ICO of the company General Vision, while the platform’s token GVT met the certification requirements of the ICC committee.

Besides, the ICO Genesis.Vision was declared the best October 2017 ICO in the version of Jacob Maas’ View.

At the end of September, the hype that had risen caused the company to stop the pre-sale two weeks before time, as over the period, the participants had already reserved the target sum of $2.3 million worth of tokens. The ICO starts on October 15 and will last until November 15. The money collection is limited to $33,000,000. The issue of the alpha version is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

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