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Gensokishi Online, The Record-Setting Project Will List Their Token “Metaverse(MV)” On Bybit Today

The listing time will be Thursday, January 27, 2021, 10:00 am UTC.

The token pair will be MV/USDT. All users looking to participate, please have an account ready on Bybit and prepare your USDT.

The token contract address will be announced before the listing, so please wait for announcements through Gensokishi’s socilal media channels and homepage.

APY 9% Metaverse token staking

To celebrate the listing of Metaverse(MV)* on Bybit, Genoskishi is announcing that there will be a special staking campaign that will award users with 9% APY!!


January 27, 2022 10:00 am – March 27, 2022 9:59 am UTC

(This is limited time offer and only users who start staking within this period is eligible)


MV tokens (9% APY)

See the Bybit blog page for more info!

Notice Regarding Planned Listing of Uniswap

In addition, we will provide liquidity to Uniswap (DEX) on January 29, 2022 for Metaverse (MV).

The details will be announced on January 29th.

About GensoKishi Online

Gensokishi Online, is a Japanese GameFi project that evolves from an award winning Nintendo Switch/PS4 game called “Elemental Knights”, that has been vigorously played for 13 years and has accumulated a total of 8 million downloads worldwide. Gensokishi already has a 3DMMORPG game with active users, with a fully-functioning 3D metaverse, that simultaneously connects users from around the world, be it smartphones, PCs,  or video game consoles.

By adopting the three major concepts of “Free to Play, Play to Earn, and UGC to Earn,” we will provide to our users an unprecedented GameFi and Metaverse experience.

To date, Gensokishi has set various records, including a record-breaking IDO on TRUSTPAD (20secs on FCFS) and the largest number of staking participants in the history of Bybit’s LaunchPool with 69,000 people and over $200 million in TVL.


Restricted countries: United States of America, China, Hong Kong, and all sanctioned OFAC countries(DR Congo, Iran, Myanmar, Sudan, Iraq, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Syria, Zimbabwe,Cuba, Belarus, Liberia)


Telegram community:
Discord community:
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The Gensokishi Online Project will continue to provide blockchain game fans with the latest information on the project.



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