Gnox (GNOX) Is Named One Of The Best Tokens For New Investors Making Their Way To DeFi, In Addition To Tron (TRX)


The widespread use of blockchain technology started with the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. 13 years down the line, the industry has expanded to accommodate a wide range of applications. Decentralized finance is one of them that has attracted the attention of new investors.

Despite the popularity of DeFi in the crypto community, very few people understand the mechanism behind it and how it can be leveraged to generate consistent returns. Gnox solves this problem by untangling the complexities of DeFi strategies and serving passive rewards to entry-level investors.

The protocol is empowered by a treasury, which is funded by the implementation of a 10% buy/sell tax on every GNOX trade. A team of DeFi strategists will analyze the most profitable yield farming options and put the deployment up for the proposal. Token holders will have the power to vote on the selected strategy, which will be deployed after the collective decision.

The revenue generated by the treasury as a result of DeFi allocation will be converted into stable coins. 40% of that will be redistributed to GNOX token holders, and the rest will be utilized to generate more rewards for the community. The principal capital will be kept safe from market exposure, and the passive rewards will keep boosting the treasury. All of this will come back as an incentive for those who invest in the ecosystem.

The ease with which one can earn passive income in crypto is a game-changer for newcomers to the space. This is what makes GNOX one of the best reflection tokens on the market. The underlying value of this asset is maintained by the constant buying pressure. Furthermore, a massive burn event amid the presale has kept investors on the edge, as the token is expected to rise exponentially after the launch.

Gnox is on a mission to build a community as big as Tron, which is another highly scalable platform bridging the gap between crypto and fiat. Faster speed, enhanced safety, and lower energy consumption are some of the reasons Tron gained traction among investors. The reward distribution mechanism of the Tron ecosystem makes it a highly unique undertaking, just like the Gnox protocol!

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