Gomi Mall’s Gomdori Raises $20 Million to Revolutionize E-commerce Through Web3 Reward Systems.

Gomi Mall, in collaboration with the Gomdori Project, embarks on a groundbreaking initiative set to redefine the landscape of the E-commerce sector. This strategic move marks a significant step toward transforming digital shopping dynamics by leveraging innovative Web3 technology and the introduction of GOMD tokens. More than a mere expansion into India’s burgeoning E-commerce market, this fundraising milestone signals a pivotal moment in reshaping user engagement and empowerment.

The expansion of Gomi Mall, renowned for its substantial user base, into India’s thriving E-commerce industry heralds a paradigm shift in online commerce. Embracing the ethos of Web3 technology, this endeavor aims not only to offer a fresh shopping experience but to revolutionize consumer interactions with digital platforms altogether.

Pioneering the Web3 Revolution in E-commerce

At the forefront of the digital revolution, Web3 technology champions principles of decentralization and user empowerment. This departure from the traditional Web2 model fosters greater transparency, security, and individual control over data and transactions. Gomi Mall’s integration of Web3 signifies a monumental shift wherein users retain ownership of their transactions, establishing trust and active engagement within the online commerce realm.

Innovative Token-Based Reward System

Central to Gomdori’s strategy lies an inventive reward system. The introduction of GOMD tokens within the Gomi Mall ecosystem establishes a symbiotic relationship wherein each purchase or sale generates tokens for users. This “Buy-to-Earn” and “Sell-to-Earn” concept encourages heightened participation, leading to increased token accumulation. Notably, influencers leveraging affiliate accounts further amplify brand visibility while earning GOMD tokens, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

Strategic Fundraising Milestones

Gomdori’s fundraising journey exemplifies its dedication to innovation and expansion:

  • Seed Round: $230,000, by The Invention Lab and Venture Square.
  • Pre-Series A: $500,000, backed by KB Investment.
  • Series A: $5,500,000, in collaboration with KB Investment, F&F Partners, IBK, and Ubiqous Investment.
  • Series B: $12,500,000, supported by KB Investment, MDI Ventures, F&F Partners, IBK, Ubiqous Investment, DS Asset Management, and HL Holdings.

Key Advisors Steering Success

The invaluable guidance of Vinay Chandra Lal and Rohit Prakash, founders of The Crypto Launchpad, significantly influences Gomdori’s journey. Their successful track record in guiding various crypto projects toward success, especially in expanding Gomdori into the Indian market, promises substantial growth and prosperity.

The Path Ahead

Gomi Mall’s introduction of GOMD tokens marks a monumental stride in revolutionizing the Indian E-commerce landscape. As Gomi Mall pioneers the integration of the Web3 model, it not only provides products but also nurtures an engaged and empowered E-commerce community.

In conclusion, Gomi Mall’s Gomdori fundraising journey symbolizes more than financial milestones; it signifies a commitment to reshape E-commerce, empower users, and spearhead a new era of digital commerce. With its innovative vision and strategic partnerships, Gomi Mall lays the foundation for a transformative journey within India’s burgeoning E-commerce sector.

Website: https://gomdori.io
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Gomdori_GOMD
Telegram chat : https://t.me/GOMDORItoken
Telegram Vietnam: https://t.me/GOMD_VIETNAM


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