Access Your Tokens in the Application. Guarda Announces the New Feature

Guarda, the team of blockchain professionals, recently introduced their new wallet to the market. The wallet is known for its hyper-security of the private key which is not transferred from the application in any way and is safely stored inside the Android key storage.

Guarda added a new feature in their mobile application — the possibility to buy and store ethereum-based tokens. Within the wallet, it is easy to buy, transfer and see the owned tokens without app-hopping.

The tokens can be bought with any cryptocurrency and can be accessed within the app simultaneously.

The developers of Guarda got concerned with the convenience and simpleness of the user experience and decided to embed the processes of buying and storing the tokens in the wallet as well as sending them to a different wallet address. This way, the user will see all the tokens they own inside the Guarda wallet and will have the option to buy any new ones without leaving the app. Guarda seems to have genuinely brought the crypto-trade to the next level.

Whereas previously users had to take effort to find a trusted exchange, Guarda has a completely different approach. The team came to the point of development to make it simple for the user to buy and store the tokens for ETH and ETC in the wallet. All the tokens bought with the user’s wallet address will appear in the app consistently, so the customers can control their funds effectively. This quick and easy feature will save not only the customer’s time, but also the money.

“Tokens are an important part of the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. For this reason, we have implemented a complete set of in-app tools for token operations.”, — Ondrej Horaček, Product Manager at Guarda.

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