Here’s Why AI Investors Are Flocking to the AltSignals Presale

AltSignals (ASI) has launched its native token to prepare for the release of a range of new products. The project is developing an artificial intelligence technology called ActualizeAI, which is expected to share trading signals with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

The new developments from AltSignals have already attracted a significant level of early stage investment, and experts have highlighted some key characteristics of the project as a good reason to be optimistic.

Automated trading signals are becoming increasingly popular as AltSignals looks ready to capitalize

Algorithmic trading signals have been growing in popularity in recent years, as major financial institutions such as JP Morgan have highlighted the utility of automated tools. A JP Morgan spokesperson said, “We’re seeing asset managers using data in a more dynamic way using artificial intelligence technology.”

AltSignals, an online platform that shares trading signals and automated tools, has announced that it is developing a new AI-powered trading toolkit to help users navigate the crypto markets.

The platform has recently released its native token, ASI, and is currently running its presale.  The ASI token is essential because it will provide direct access to the platform’s new artificial intelligence technology, ActualizeAI.

The presale will span five funding stages and raise the price of ASI from $0.012 to $0.02274. The event has already attracted $748k worth of funding, as investors are bullish on the future of artificial intelligence technology and automated trading tools.

Can ASI reach $0.50 in 2023?

The ASI token has been designated as an excellent utility within the AltSignals ecosystem in addition to deflationary tokenomics. Users can access a range of DeFi services in addition to ActualizeAI, with all AltSignals services designed to help users make profits — whether by sending accurate trading signals using AI technology or providing access to exclusive investment opportunities such as staking.

By the end of 2023, the ASI token price prediction could reasonably hit $0.22. This would be a 10x price rise from the end of the presale as the ASI token goes live on digital asset exchanges and is made available to users in the broader markets.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals has shared profitable trading signals with over 50,000 users since its launch in 2017. The platform is now expanding its blockchain offering after it released its proprietary algorithmic indicator, AltAlgo™, which produced averages of 1,000% gains in 19 separate months for Binance Futures, according to their website.

The project’s new artificial intelligence technology, ActualizeAI, is designed to improve the frequency and accuracy of trading signals even further. It brings machine learning capabilities to the project’s former algorithmic indicators, as predictive modeling and natural language processing (NLP) is used to analyze complex data in the crypto market.

Users can leverage the ActualizeAI trading stack to gain an edge while trading. It will provide automated buy or sell signals while accounting for quantitative and qualitative metrics, including price data, a range of indicators, and investor sentiment levels.

How does ASI work?

AltSignals’ new native token, ASI, has the primary function of providing access to ActualizeAI — the project’s new artificial intelligence technology. The token can also be used for a range of DeFi services on the platform, including staking to earn a passive yield, and voting in governance proposals on the project.

AltSignals will also launch the AI Members Club, which provides a range of exclusive benefits to its users. AI Members Club will host trading tournaments with significant prize pools paid in crypto and give all members the chance to test out new AltSignals trading tools before they are officially released.

The AI Members Club will also provide early access to promising new cryptocurrencies during presales and private sales. These investment opportunities can often produce significant returns, and AI Members Club will share some of the best early stage options from the world of Web3.

Could AI-based projects be the next big thing in crypto?

Artificial intelligence technologies are revolutionizing key global industries, from medicine to marketing, and are now aiming for crypto. By sharing trading signals powered by artificial intelligence technology, AltSignals could change the landscape for traders seeking to navigate market volatility.

By analyzing complex data in an instant, artificial intelligence can optimize the decision-making process for market traders. AltSignals is at the forefront of advancement in the blockchain-based AI space, highlighted as a blockchain narrative that could spearhead the upcoming bull market.

Artificial intelligence on the blockchain looks set to grow its valuation over the coming years, and AltSignals is well positioned to help drive this progress directly.

Is ASI worth buying?

The ASI token presale could be one of the outstanding investment opportunities of 2023. At the current price of $0.015, ASI has vast upside potential thanks to its soon-to-be-introduced AI technology.

The token can be purchased directly through the AltSignals website during the presale. Investors seeking exposure to AI-based protocols ahead of the next bull market are expected to benefit, and AltSignals could be the perfect addition to any crypto portfolio.

You can participate in the $ASI crypto presale here.


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