IDM Is Planning to Launch Highly Protected Decentralized Storage


IDM Protect introduces into the market distributed storage service. The service addresses the most important data security challenges. This innovative solution has modern distributed architecture and unique competitive advantage – the SIZE algorithm.

There are two main threats to data storage – an unauthorised access and a data loss. To counteract the first threat most services, apply encryption, which should prevent the unauthorised data access. The encryption, however, does not provide a complete protection today and with upcoming quantum computers will certainly not provide it tomorrow. The second threat is the data loss. The data can be damaged, unavailable or destroyed for a variety of reasons. Government actions, hacker attacks, equipment failure can cause the data being blocked or destroyed. Modern data centres and traditional storage methods cannot prevent the data loss.

The IDM service protects data from both of those threats. The service guarantees a post-quantum protection and a fault tolerance. The core of the system is the innovative and patented SIZE algorithm. The algorithm helps to store data with maximum reliability and security, both in terms of protection against the unauthorised access and prevention against the data loss. The data is protected on the one-time pad (OTP) level and cannot be cracked. The reliability of storage can reach an unprecedented level: for example, with the expansion of the network, it is possible to lose up to 98% of stored data and then recover the original file.

The SIZE algorithm implements an innovative correction code. The algorithm splits the original data into small packages and converts each package into shards generating additional data. Each of these individual packages has no functional meaning and does not contain a single bit of the original data. The original data is rebuilt from a set of packages in a specific way, performing series of mathematical operations.

The technology has demonstrated its functionality. The company already has a cloud data storage service with more than two thousand active users. Developers of the service and third-party organizations has confirmed functionality of the technology. The next big phase is the launch of IDM distributed storage service.

This service provides a great opportunity to anyone. IDM service will provide remuneration for storage node owners: a monthly reward of $4-$5 per 50 GB of leased memory. Since there are minimum computing requirements, any user device can function as a part of the distributed data storage. The reliability and security of IDM service will be much higher than anything offered by its competitors and at a fair cost. All payments and rewards within the service will be administered by a blockchain system.

The service opens up an excellent opportunity to international investors. A token sale starts from 28th of May. The technology based on the SIZE algorithm has been patented in the UK, European Union, USA, Japan, and other countries. There are more than 20 patents obtained in total.

IDM is one of a kind service, capable of a safe data retrieval during massive network failure or rolling disconnections of storage nodes across entire counties and continents. The unprecedented level of data protection together with a simple and sound business model will make this service profitable, promising high return on the investment.

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