IMpulse K1 to Become the First Blockchain Phone


Imagine you decide to build an independent blockchain-based financial ecosystem, allowing everyone to use the power of blockchain technology and conducting transactions in all currencies just with a press of a button, or being able to withdraw cryptocurrency or physical gold from an ATM (CashGold Exchange Machine / CEM) by a simple scan. Imagine being able to make absolutely secure, private, and encrypted live stream voice calls with the help of the blockchain without the fear of being spied on!

The future is closer than you think. On the 30th of March 2019, the blockchain history was made at the conference in Dubai where Karatbars International GmbH released their latest product, the world’s first-ever ‘Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP)’ smartphone!

IMpulse K1 Phone is the company’s newest invention, a revolutionary breakthrough on the market of cryptocurrencies. It is a unique device created by CryptoData and produced by Karatbars International. The smartphone is designed to solve the problems of privacy and security of users. CryptoData has used an absolutely innovative technology named “VOBP” (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol) to develop an original communication system, integrated into IMpulse K1 Smartphones.

Human senses were considered during the design planning. IMpulse K1 smartphone comes in three innovative forms: IMpulse K1 Carbon, IMpulse K1 Gold, and IMpulse K1 Army. The first model, Carbon, is a new “man in black.” It is light and exceptionally stylish. The second one, IMpulse K1 Gold, gives users a possibility to experience something new through their senses thanks to the transparent glass combined with golden aluminum. The last but not the least, IMpulse K1 army, provides the consumers with a bulletproof feeling of safety as it is made of Kevlar and Carbon.

Karatbars International has already become extremely successful on the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, but the presentation of IMpulse K1 will lead the company to the forefront of both financial and communication industries. The edition of the newest smartphone is limited.


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