Investor Sureties on Hand with DeHedge

Blockchain technology company DeHedge, established by the group of successful investors, aims to become the first on the global market to provide securities and insurance services for cryptocurrency projects worldwide.

The risks involved in investing into an attractive ICO are many. An almost complete lack of government control, bylaws, regulations or rules makes it difficult to distinguish good investment from a failing project. The crypto market is different as it lacks brokers, underwriters, sureties, banks and hedging instruments. This lack of intermediaries creates distrust and robs market players of the instruments they require to ensure the safety of their investments.

Our mission – to develop the crypto economy and insure market players against risk by providing the necessary instruments they require to continue growing and developing the promising market.

DeHedge evaluates ICO projects using a unique model developed by DeHedge in collaboration with one of the largest consulting firms. An investor receives insurance coverage for various cases, such as project cancellation or token exchange rate instability. DeHedge’s smart contracts use insurance reserves, making its financial stability beyond questioning. The smart contracts are programmed to automatically pay out in full in case of an insured event.

Existing cryptocurrency investors and potential investors are the main clients of DeHedge as the project, now entering its Presale stage, provides investment securitization and insurance of risks for those seeking to join the growing token market. Since DeHedge operates both with pre-ICO and circulating token projects, to ensure the security of its clients, it has cooperated closely with a leading consulting company to develop a comprehensive system to make sure all benefit from the working scheme.

The solid backing provided by DeHedge is certain to attract the attention of investors who need serious insurance when choosing their business ventures.

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