Jincor Launches ICO’s Contributor Account

Jincor is a platform that will enable any business to adopt smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions in a genuinely simple and cost-efficient way. It’s a groundbreaking initiative developed by a team of young but highly experienced entrepreneurs, developers, and lawyers.

As more and more businesses got smitten by the concept of smart contracts, it becomes vital for them to have a tool that allows to handle the innovation without any technical, legal, or operational complications.

Apart of being a piece of software that solves essential problems, Jincor is also an infrastructure, a private permissioned distributed ledger based on non-mining consensus algorithm, that allows to create smart contracts of the highest confidentiality level. And that additional level of security is an extremely important feature for any tech solution that is supposed to store any business-related information.

Currently, it is complicated for most businesses to get into smart contracts because of high associated costs and a legal void in the field. However, multiple reports indicate that smart contracts are poised to become an integral part of running a business in future.

Jincor aims to build an all-around blockchain platform that will offer businesses easy-to-implement smart contracts templates and 1-click cryptocurrency payments integration in a fast, legally transparent, cost-efficient, and reliable manner. Public beta launch is scheduled for the late November and so far, around 300+ businesses from all around the world have joined the waiting list to give it a try. Jincor ICO starts on December, 1.

To make it easier for the project’s supporters to participate in the token sale, Jincor has launched Jincor Contributor Account with a sleek and easy-to-navigate ICO dashboard. One of the main advantages of Jincor Contributor Account is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Full security of funds and personal information is also guaranteed through the two-factor authentication from Google Authenticator.  

Jincor Contributor Account has a simple setup process

Setting up an account is easy. After this is done, you are redirected to the ID verification tab to go through KYC/AML procedure. KYC stands for “Know Your Customer.” It is a term used to describe how a business identifies and verifies the identity of a client. AML — standing for “Anti-money Laundering”, it is a set of procedures, laws, or regulations designed to stop the practice of generating income through illegal actions.

KYC process includes the verification of your ID and proof of residence. And it allows Jincor to comply with the requirements of regulators, licensed crypto exchanges and also provide to banks explanations of its funding sources.  

Netverify Service, a trusted and accredited identity verification provider, which list of customers includes Coinbase and Airbnb, has helped Jincor to implement this feature.

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