Lido Staked ETH Explodes to Top-10, DigiToads Will Power Up DeFi with These Special Features

The decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape has been experiencing a seismic shift, with innovative projects and platforms continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of digital finance.  Among these groundbreaking developments, two prominent names have emerged as game changers: DigiToads (TOADS) and lido-staked ETH. As ETH continues to skyrocket into the top echelons of the cryptocurrency market and DigiToads introduces novel features to supercharge DeFi, the financial world is poised for a transformative revolution.

DigiToads: Empowering Defi with Unprecedented Features

In the rapidly evolving DeFi realm, DigiToads stands out as a visionary platform poised to reshape the way we perceive and interact with digital assets. With a unique array of special features, DigiToads aims to power up DeFi and offer users an unpatrolled experience.

One of the top groundbreaking features that DigiToads offers is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, although this feature will launch much later as the project gathers more users, it is a revolutionary feature that no meme coin project has launched before.

What is more, Toads investors who also take the trading courses offered in the Toad school, another groundbreaking feature of DigiToads will have a unique opportunity to make use of their skills once this decentralized exchange launches. The Toad School is a feature that will offer access to different courses that investors will find useful when navigating the Decentralized Finance industry. Investors who won more than four DigiToads NFTS will have free access to the Toads school.

Speaking of NFTS, DigiToads has a collection of amphibian-inspired NFTs that are now available for mining on the DigiToads website. These NFTs, known as DigiToads Friends NFTs can also be staked on the ecosystem, in exchange for extra TOADS tokens. Investors who stake their NFTS are rewarded with funds pooled from the staking pool. The staking pool is funded by part of the 7% tax charged on every TOADs transaction.

Additionally, the well-mapped out tokenomics of TOADs tokens give investors confidence in the abilities of the team behind the project. There will be a total of 585 million TOADs tokens. Out of these 29.25 million TOADS (5%) will go to the team. An additional 30.75 million TOADS (5.2%)will be channeled towards the development of the DigiToads ecosystem and 42.66 million (13.16%) will go towards prizes and competitions. Project launch, public releases, and the liquidity staking pool will receive 76.99 million TOADS (13.16%) while the majority of TOADS tokens (405.35 million) will be sold to investors during the presale.

Out of the 405.35 million tokens allocated for the presale and community bonuses, more than 379 tokens have already been sold, raising over $6.8 million in just 10 presale stages.

Lido Staked ETH Rises To The Top 10

Meanwhile, investors of Lido’s staked Ether tokens (stETH) have been rejoicing as they reap the profits from the token’s recent ascent to the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.  Lido staked ETH is now worth more than $12 billion in market capitalization, a growth that has seen it eclipse Binance USD and XRP to become one of the top cryptocurrencies.

Lido is a staking protocol that makes it easier for Ether investors to participate in the lucrative staking venture. The platform allows Ether holders to stake their ETH tokens in return for a separate derivative token stETH.

To stake directly on Ethereum, investors must have at least 32 ETH to operate a staking validator node. This amount cannot be withdrawn until the next Ethereum upgrade. With Lido, investors can turn their staked ETH into a liquid asset by converting it into stETH. StETH can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, lent out to other users, or used as collateral for loans across different DeFi protocols.

Final Word

As Lido staked ether skyrockets to unprecedented heights and DigiToads introduces a new era of DeFi features, the financial landscape is witnessing a seismic transformation. These two projects exemplify the cutting-edge innovation and creativity that characterize the cryptocurrency space. With Lido’s staking prowess and DigiToad’s forward-thinking approach, the future of decentralized finance promises to be more inclusive, adaptable, and rewarding than ever before.

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