Blockchain technology makes LuckyToken lottery transparent and excludes the possibility of fraud


LuckyToken is the first block-chained lottery, which excludes any manipulations with money. Transparency, anonymity, accessibility, and ability to track funds are the advantages of LuckyToken. Anyone interested in winning $5000000 prize can join in.

LuckyToken is the lottery on the blockchain. The best benefit of using blockchain is complete transactions transparency controlled by users. In addition, transactions are always copied, so all the participants have information about each other’s actions. As a result, every player of LuckyToken can make sure that all prizes are awarded in full according to lottery rules, without any third party involvement. Information about payments and the lottery mechanisms is for public access on the Etherum blockchain.

Despite the fact that the blockchain is an open database, it shows only numbers of digital wallets. Team of project creators and managers highly value personal privacy that is why LuckyToken users aren’t required to provide any ID information to play. Electronic wallet number is enough to take participate.

“We have taken all possible steps to ensure that data collection on our part does not exceed amounts necessary for rendering services and protecting your account” – says the administrator of LuckyToken.

Another advantage of the lottery is accessibility. Everyone who wants to earn money and receive a prize can participate. The financial condition doesn’t matter. Amounts left after awards distribution due to be spent on marketing, development and operational costs, project creators acquire only 10% of the income.

If participants legally win the prizes the payment is 100% guaranteed, as the prize fund of $5000000 is secured by a smart contract with multi-signatures. Such a system is a good protection from hackers and can be tracked at any time by any user.

Therefore, LuckyToken could be named the first transparent lottery in the world.
More information about LuckyToken:
•    1 of 14 people wins.
•    Rules of the lottery don`t differ much. The player chooses 5 numbers from 1 to 75, as well as one additional number ranging from 1 to 15. If the user guesses basic numbers correctly he or she gets the first prize and if the additional number matches the user wins the jackpot. The smaller number of matches also have their own prize categories.
•    Cost of the single play is $1.00 (1 LUC equivalent). 1 LUC is a full value token, which can be exchanged for any currency.
•    Get a reward for enrolling a friend.
•    There are 3 different games available every week, held on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays: Mini-, Big- and Mega-LuckyToken. The prize pools are as follows:
Mini – $1,105,000 (in ETH equivalent);
Big – $3,315,000 (in ETH equivalent);
Maxi – $3,315,000 (in ETH equivalent)

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