MapleStory Joins Forces with Avalanche Blockchain, Ambitious Growth Aims for Cardano and Render Challenger

Blockchain is seamlessly touching industries not only limited to finance – as gaming is one of the biggest use cases of the best cryptocurrencies. In recent news, MapleStory Universe, an innovative project by Nexon Group, has announced a strategic partnership with Avalanche, the leading smart contracts platform known for its unparalleled transaction speed among layer 1 blockchains. Meanwhile, a new ICO, InQubeta, is on a positive growth trajectory challenging the likes of Cardano and Render.

MapleStory Universe’s Foray into Blockchain Gaming

MapleStory Universe, an ambitious project from Nexon Group, has established a strategic alliance with Avalanche, recognized for its unparalleled transaction speed among layer-1 blockchains. This partnership is poised to dramatically reshape the gaming experience, utilizing Avalanche’s ‘Subnet’ technology to ensure seamless gameplay even during transactional surges. Angela Son, Partnership Lead at MapleStory Universe, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing its potential to foster a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem, thereby enhancing their service offerings and competitive edge in the industry.

On the flip side, Ed Chang, the Head of gaming at Ava Labs, is really excited about teaming up. He sees a huge chance for some new breakthroughs in the Web3 space thanks to what MapleStory Universe is cooking up. They’re planning to dive into a bunch of tech projects together, all with the goal of building a solid, reliable backbone that can handle all sorts of decentralized apps. Plus, MapleStory Universe is getting ready to drop a new kind of game, ‘MapleStory N,’ which is a blockchain-based PC game. It’s a big deal because it’s pushing blockchain deeper into the mainstream gaming world. This whole partnership is a big moment for the world of blockchain gaming, showing how old-school gaming and new blockchain tech can really come together and create something awesome.

InQubeta: A Rising Challenger in the Blockchain Arena

In the midst of all the buzz, InQubeta is stepping up as the best ICO in the crypto and AI game, throwing down the gauntlet to big names like Cardano and Render. What makes InQubeta stand out is its unique angle: using QUBE tokens to open up the world of AI startup investments to everyone. This isn’t just about sparking new ideas; it’s about giving regular investors a piece of the action in the booming AI market.

InQubeta is breaking down barriers by letting people make smaller, fractional investments in AI startups, connecting the average Joe with the high-flying world of Silicon Valley. They’re using NFTs in a clever way, too – not just as digital art, but as real stakes in these startups, lining up investor goals with the growth of new tech companies. This approach doesn’t just help startups bloom; it also gives investors a real share in the AI future.

The platform’s QUBE token is another draw. It’s deflationary, meaning every time it’s traded, some of it vanishes forever, tightening supply and potentially boosting its value. Plus, there’s the cherry on top: rewards for staking your coins.

The buzz is real – InQubeta’s presale is hitting the home stretch and has already bagged nearly $12 million. That’s a lot of trust from investors, especially after getting the thumbs up from security heavyweights like Hacken. And with plans like launching their own NFT marketplace, starting up InQubeta Swap, and setting up a DAO that puts the community in the driver’s seat, it’s clear they’re all in on not just growing, but also building a real, engaged community across different blockchain landscapes.


As MapleStory Universe and Avalanche forge a path toward blockchain-integrated gaming, InQubeta stands out as an innovative force in the AI crypto landscape. With its unique investment platform, InQubeta is not only poised to disrupt traditional investment models but also to redefine the boundaries of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. As we look toward a future shaped by these collaborations and innovations, the potential for growth and transformation in the blockchain and AI domains seems boundless.


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