Mirach Capital Launches $200 Million Dollar Crypto-fund


Miami – November 4, 2017 – Mirach Capital, a group of family offices holding trophy assets in the arenas of real estate, hospitality, aviation, healthcare, waste management, energy and entertainment, today announced the launch of a USD $200 million dollar crypto-fund. Utilizing quantitative and fundamental analysis to evaluate various Initial Coin Offerings, Mirach intends to identify projects that are grounded in foundational strength with widespread real world applications. Mark Ryan, Chief Financial Officer at Mirach stated “We are cautiously optimistic about cryptocurrencies. With all the hype currently surrounding ICOs, it would be prudent to conduct careful analysis when evaluating these projects. The future seems very bright for the crypto-space with some very exciting projects, however, the path to hell often begins with good intentions.”

Mirach has reviewed a number of ICO projects within the Healthcare, Waste Management, Energy and Retail sectors. Unfortunately, very few projects have been able to demonstrate real world applications thereby enhancing utility of the tokens. Mirach’s landmark investment of USD $25 million dollars in 4NEW Limited, a Waste to Energy treatment facility integrated entirely on the blockchain network demonstrates the commitment the group has towards identifying robust and grounded projects with the appropriate use of blockchain technology. Mirach intends to identify 4 or 5 crypto projects annually that will be funded through its syndicate of family offices.

About Mirach

Mirach is a group of private family offices with diversified trophy assets under management ranging up to $400 million dollars. Industries covered include Real Estate, Hospitality, Aviation, Healthcare, Waste Management, Energy and Entertainment. Mirach has structured various high profile trophy asset transactions ranging from the Plaza hotel in New York to the Grosvenor House hotel in London. They also hold significant investments in healthcare ranging from Urgent Care centers, Pharmacies, Substance Abuse Medical Detox facilities and Mental Health Assisted Living Facilities.
Website: www.mirachcapitalgroup.com

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