NEBEUS Brings to a New Level Its Cryptocurrency Platform for P2P Banking Services with the Help of the ICO


Today the financial sector is at one of the most large-scale stages of technological evolution. Here we are talking mostly about banks and fintech startups, where the development trend goes away from positioning them as places where people come for money, to their requalification as the conductors of the most necessary financial services. Thus, it is possible to talk about changing the paradigm of banking.

Experts are increasingly talking about banking without banks. Today the economic challenges are not the real threat to the existence of banks, but a financial supermarket in the smartphone, which is built with the use of modern technologies, has a mobile wallet to receive and send payments and represents the marketplace or P2P-platform, where you can borrow money.

Nebeus, which shares the view that soon bank services will become the primary raw materials for products and services created by other companies – is a similar supermarket, a kind of ecosystem in your desktop or smartphone for financial products and services.

About Nebeus

Nebeus is a cryptocurrency platform bringing together cryptocurrency opportunities and a standard bank service. It enables customers to buy, sell, store, remit, lend and borrow cryptocurrency funds.

Nebeus is the finished product

Work on Nebeus Platform started back in 2014. Now Nebeus is an international prosperous company with offices in London and Barcelona, which has turned into a successful credit and trading platform with a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Nebeus is not a startup – it has a proven record as a professional team. The platform and its services have already been highly rated by rating agencies. Over the course of the last three years, Nebeus has developed a comprehensive range of essential services without compromising on security, AML and KYC procedures in its business model. The platform has a lot of personalized solutions for both individuals and corporate clients. It has its own wallet, allowing to make various payments and to carry out the whole range of cryptocurrency transactions, and the trading platform with the possibility of P2P-trading and purchasing/selling of various cryptocurrencies, and the Nebeus P2P-loans in cryptocurrency, and many other useful functions about which you can learn more, having examined the project’s Whitepaper. You can use Nebeus services through a desktop or via mobile application, which you can download in the App Store and Google Play.

Plans of Nebeus creators

Developers strive to create an open ecosystem which will simplify consumption and production of financial services and products based on blockchain and smart contracts in a secure, transparent and convenient environment. Using the API, SDK and Nebeus smart contracts library will allow developers of third-party financial products and services to create value-added solutions within the platform. The Nebeus team aims to develop a convenient client-oriented service with low-cost, highly efficient business processes, that can continue to meet the demands and challenges of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

Nebeus ICO

To achieve the above goals Nebeus founders chose the ICO mechanism. Due to the funds raised from pre-ICO and ICO Nebeus is going to bring its platform to a new level. The creators of the project plan to send most of the received funds for launching the development and conducting a PR campaign. More details about Nebeus further plans for using the raised funds can be found in the Project’s Roadmap.

Pre-sale of NBTK tokens began on October 9, 2017 and will last until November 2, 2017. At this stage Nebeus is going to sell 3 000 000 NBTK tokens for a total of 1 500 000 $. During this period Nebeus tokens are offered at a 50% discount for a price of 1 NBTK = 0.5 USD. This offer is valid only during the preliminary sale of the tokens. Then starts ICO, when the tokens will be sold already 2 times more expensive – for a price of 1 NBTK = 1 USD. It should be notices that for the first two weeks of the pre-ICO the project successfully attracted more than 120 000 $ by selling about 233 000 tokens. The ICO will begin on November 3, 2017, and its end will take place on December 31, 2017, within which it is planned to sell 50 000 000 NBTK tokens.

Future use of NBTK tokens

The project’s team offers NBTK tokens buyers additional opportunities to reduce risks and increase profitability, namely: exchange for the company shares; trade tokens on at least three exchanges, including Nebeus platform; use NBTK as collateral for loans on Nebeus platform; receive 20% share of the net profit from Nebeus operations; pay for the Nebeus platform fees (tokens used for this will be burned).

Protection of Nebeus ICO participants

Nebeus Tokens are based on ERC20 Standard. Thus, ICO funds are held in ESCROW – conditional deposition. Also, ICO participants are protected by a multi-signed wallet, and competent advisors guarantee transparency and global coverage. Tokens for founders are non-transferable upon completion and are locked for 12 months by a smart contract.

Additional information about Nebeus, about its ongoing pre-ICO and planned ICO, can be found on their official website, where the Whitepaper of the project and other documents are presented, as well as on the company’s pages in all popular social networks.

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