A new level of working with data is the advantage of “smart mining”


The data science is based on strict analytical evidence and it works with structured and non-structured data. Everything that is related to the selection, preparation, and analysis is included in the science of data.

Machine learning is closely related to the science of data. In a simple way, this is an opportunity to learn a system or an algorithm to get different impressions from the masses. Researchers use machine learning techniques to automate the solution of some problems. These systems are very necessary for working with very complex projects. For example, to find out which country the happiest people live in, scientists defined smiles in the photos uploaded to Instagram. The tasks of deep learning are often quite complex, requiring considerable computing power for learning and using models.

Neuromation is the blockchain platform for synthetic data and deep learning of neural networks that creates artificial worlds where artificial intelligence algorithms will be learning with help of simulated sensor input data.

“In these artificial worlds, there is also an almost endless supply of beautifully classified data for learning. AI plays as in video games and learns how to perform specific tasks in the real world,” the creators of the project explain.

Miners or owners of Neuromation computing power provide an excellent opportunity to use their equipment for useful computing and real-world tasks. Based on the platform, users will also be able to trade data libraries and models. The service makes it possible to use models and algorithms based on deep learning, that are rather complicated for self-realization, connected primarily with the processing of images and natural languages.

Our preliminary estimates indicate that miners will earn up 3 to 5 times more mining Neurotokens versus mining cryptocurrency. Miners will not be engaged in Neuromation tasks 100% of the time so it will be an efficiency boost to the existing setup. You can see the difference in effective yield below for similarly configured rigs, one running cryptocurrency mining algorithm and one running Deep Learning / Data Rendering tasks. Type of Computing Yield/Time Ether Mining $ 7 – 8 USD/Day Amazon Deep Learning $ 3 – 4 USD/Hour.

Due to the linking service providers with the platform, Neuromation has every chance to become a favorable ecosystem for any AI application. One of the key goals of Neuromation platform is to become the main center of artificial intelligence services for international business.

“We intend to become a global pool of resources in the sphere of artificial data, constantly replenishing library, which will have data sets for any possible use,” the white paper of the company says.

The platform has already begun the pre-sale of its neuro-tokens on October 25, 2017. The massive sale of neuro-tokens begins on November 28, 2017

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