New Award Winning Way to Bring Change Using Blockchain Technology

Utilizing a power of blockchain technology to establish vivid community worldwide

Debitum Network combines both realistic financial focus and idealistic world changing vision. The team of professionals from financing and IT industries wants to establish a global ecosystem which utilizes amazing blockchain opportunities. Debitum Network using decentralized approach will connect financing process service providers all around the world into communities, help smaller businesses to access financing and let global investors to trustworthy deploy capital.

Martins Liberts, visionary and co-founder of Debitum Network says “Finance is fuel for small companies’ growth. Even very efficient companies often need financing to manage their cash flow for smooth daily operations. Unfortunately, nowadays it is an obstacle for a lot of businesses and we can see it represented by huge 2 trillion $ credit gap for SME financing worldwide.

At Debitum Network we believe that small companies must have fair opportunities to connect investors from any part of the world and then utilize their investments. We have experienced this need ourselves while developing successful IT and alternative finance businesses. We feel that now it’s time for us to share our experience and to help other companies grow. We are proudly creating an instrument which provides equal growth opportunities for different size businesses.”

Debitum Network utilizes amazing benefits of the blockchain technology and works towards mission to create a transparent, secure and decentralized ecosystem for sustainable businesses’ growth worldwide.

Cryptocurrency realists are changing the world

In order to have a properly working platform from the very beginning, Debitum Network model connects benefits from both crypto and non-crypto worlds. “We are realists and understand that country regulations still need to be adjusted to utilize a full potential of the blockchain technology. Therefore, we connect investments in fiat or regular currency to make it easily accessible for small companies. Smart contracts in blockchain will ensure trust and quality services among community members. We take advantages of interlinked Ethereum smart contracts and transparent rating system based on blockchain to make sure that investment is as safe as possible. It also allows to provide up to date information for all the participants in the ecosystem”, comments Martins Liberts.

What’s next?

You may ask so what are the next steps in implementing this Debitum Network plan? Winning awards and getting support from the blockchain community is a successful step in our path. The project estimated its soft and hard cap and provided a detailed plan according development in different regions and countries. Debitum Crowdsale begins on 7th December 3:00 PM London time. Now, the speed on how fast we can achieve this goal depends on everyone.

Learn more about Debitum Network project in their detailed White paper and register for updates and information about ICO on their website.


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