New Blockchain Service Changes Online Hotel Booking Market

Many of us go traveling or on a business trip to another country every year, booking accommodation on, or There are several hundred such platforms around the world. They allow saving time on seeking a hotel, apartment, or flat as well as to save money by booking a room at a discount. All of them are similar, and in most cases, they are able to stand out against the background of others only at the expense of a huge advertising budget. Tetarise is the first blockchain platform for booking hotels and apartments.

Using blockchain and cryptocurrency lets each Tetarise customer receive lifetime 5% cashback from each reservation made. Paying for accommodation with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency holders no longer need to convert money into physical funds, losing between 3-7%.

What is the biggest idea of our project?

A customer books a hotel via our platform. If the customer pays for the hotel: with fiat money, then the hotel receives payment from the customer’s card, with cryptocurrency, after that the hotel receives payment to its cryptocurrency wallet from the customer’s wallet. After the end of the customer’s stay, the hotel transfers us a fee of 10-15%: with fiat money to a bank account, with cryptocurrency to a cryptocurrency wallet. After receiving the 10-15% fee from the hotel, we pay 5% cash back to the customer. If the customer has a cryptocurrency wallet, 5% is transferred to them, but if the customer does not have a wallet, then the money is credited to his account in anticipation of creating a cryptocurrency wallet. If the customer does not want to open it, a 5% cash back simply accumulates on the balance for future reservations. Just like miles are accumulated in airlines.

100 million TTR tokens will be issued. They will be offered on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The TTR token offer will take place in two stages:

•    Pre-ICO — 15.11.17-15.12.17 — goal is $500,000
•    ICO — January 2018 — goal is $10,000,000

70% of tokens will be placed on the Pre ICO and ICO, 25% will receive the project team, 3% will go to the mentors, 2% will be distributed to the bounty program. Tetarise automatically pays 50% of the total obtained after-tax profit to TTR token holders, in proportion to the size of each holder’s share in the total number of tokens.

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