No More Shitcoinery: Giants Protocol Brings Utility to Runes with First-Ever Bitcoin UTXO-Based Digital Asset Creation Platform

SINGAPORE, June 24, 2024 — Giants Protocol, developed by Giants Planet, introduces a groundbreaking approach to digital asset creation on Bitcoin, leveraging the robust security and extensive liquidity of the Bitcoin blockchain. Giants Protocol represents the world’s first digital asset creation protocol utilizing UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs), enabling the creation, management, and upgrading of digital and physical assets. Giants Planet is backed by the Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund and is committed to building a gamified Bitcoin ecosystem. This ecosystem will enable the creation and gamification of both physical and digital assets, providing a full suite of Bitcoin infrastructure.

Introducing Giants Protocol

Giants Protocol addresses the challenges of managing Satoshis (SATs), inscriptions, and UTXOs by providing a robust framework for creating and managing digital and physical assets on Bitcoin. This protocol pioneers innovations in the Bitcoin and Web3 ecosystems, rebuilding Bitcoin’s foundation with UTXOs to unlock the potential for a wide range of digital assets, extending beyond gaming to include AI and real-world asset (RWA) creation.

Core Functionalities of Giants Protocol

  • User-Defined Asset Creation: Design and define unique assets with specific attributes using metadata. This can include in-game characters, event tickets, real-world asset representations, and more.
  • Scalable Asset Management: Batch deployment through etching streamlines asset creation, eliminating repetitive processes.
  • Interoperable Asset Integration: Facilitates seamless connections and integrations with various digital and physical assets.
  • Flexible Asset Upgradability: Utilize delegate IDs to dynamically manage and upgrade assets with new attributes.

 Innovative Applications and Real-World Impact

The Giants Protocol empowers developers to embed unique in-game assets directly into the Bitcoin blockchain through a process known as “etching,” ensuring these assets are permanently inscribed and tamper-proof. This capability could revolutionize the management and tracking of assets such as property deeds, investment portfolios, and rare collectibles in a transparent and secure manner.

Giants Protocol’s Metadata Management

By efficiently managing and processing metadata, Giants Protocol enhances the Bitcoin ecosystem. Giants Planet supports this protocol, ensuring seamless integration and well-organized information. This framework allows users to include metadata, offering additional context such as creation dates and creator details for each asset.

Roadmap and Future Developments

Giants Planet is preparing to launch its gamification and GPS game in early Q3 2024, aiming to enhance user engagement within the Giants Protocol ecosystem by offering rewards for various activities. Users can earn points through activities like minting and etching, redeemable for prizes such as loot boxes and entries into weekly raffles featuring top-tier runes like $DOG, $RSIC, and $PUPS. Community beta testing has been underway since Q2 2024, providing an early glimpse into the platform’s capabilities.

Bitcoin’s Evolution and Dominance

Originally designed by Satoshi Nakamoto as digital gold, Bitcoin’s capabilities have expanded significantly. With recent innovations like the Taproot upgrade and L1/L2 solutions, Bitcoin is unlocking new potentials for complex applications. Despite the emergence of Ethereum as a leader in smart contracts and decentralized applications, Bitcoin maintains the largest market capitalization, nearly three times that of Ethereum. This underscores Bitcoin’s depth of capital and liquidity, positioning it as a formidable platform for digital asset creation.

About Giants Planet

Giants Planet is at the forefront of the Bitcoin ecosystem, creating assets and a gamified Real World Asset (RWA) experience with a full suite of Bitcoin infrastructure. Enabling the creation and gamification of both physical and digital assets, Giants Planet utilizes its innovative Giants Protocol to provide a scalable, customizable system for asset management. This approach not only enhances user engagement through rewarding activities but also ensures unparalleled convenience and security for businesses entering the decentralized realm. Supported by the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Singapore, Giants Planet is poised to revolutionize the Asian digital economy and unite the world through its pioneering use of crypto technology.

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