PEPE, FLOKI Lead Monday Gains, Will ETH Coins Like KAI Rally

Ethereum network token Pepe Coin (PEPE), a popular meme coin since 2023, led Monday’s cryptocurrency gains with a 31% green candle on Monday, followed by Floki Inu with a 10% intraday price spike on crypto exchanges.

Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Book of Meme Coin (BOME), and Bonk (BONK) were close behind on the leaderboards. The strong showing among meme coins to start off the week may portend another meme coin rally for the second half of May after memes corrected with the broader crypto market since the beginning of March.

PEPE and FLOKI– two ERC-20 currencies– leading Monday’s gains could be setting up Ethereum economies like the new Kai Cat (only available in presale in Q2) to dominate market performance among cryptocurrencies in the coming weeks. One thing all three meme coins has in common is they are issued in Bitcoin Satoshi-sized amounts…

Math Coins: The Penny Cryptos Of The Bitcoin Economy

Pepe Coin price on Monday was $0.00001005 in US dollars. Floki Inu traded for USD $0.00018. Meanwhile, in its pre-market sale, Kai Cat is flying across the Ether for $0.0040806 per KAI token. Want twenty bucks worth? You’ll have to buy 4,900 tokens.

Want to buy fifty bucks worth of Pepe Coin? You’ll be an instant millionaire in PEPE coins with 4,975,124 PEPE in your MetaMask or the secure crypto wallet of your choice.

What’s the use of owning millions, billions, or trillions of tokens worth a 100,000th of a red Lincoln cent? Why not denominate these digital currencies in something that doesn’t strain your eyeballs to read and require doing some math to figure out how much they’re worth?

It might make more sense to price these math coins in Bitcoin than in dollars. Well, not exactly. After all, one Bitcoin goes for some $60,000 this month on crypto exchanges.

Priced in Bitcoin, math tokens still aren’t any easier for most investors to read the amounts sensibly. One Pepe Coin priced in Bitcoin traded for 0.000000000140791 BTC on Monday, according to CoinGecko data.

Luckily, Bitcoin was originally designed by its creator to be divided into smaller and smaller amounts as its economy grows. Your Bitcoin is ultimately divisible into a 100 millionth of a Bitcoin, an amount called a satoshi.

Priced this way, a Pepe Coin is worth 0.014 satoshis at Monday’s prices. Here’s another scale from Kraken exchange. On Monday, $10 in US dollars was worth 0.00016 BTC and 16,016 sats.

Cryptocurrency investors instruct each other to “stack those sats” because if the predictions of several Web3 and Wall Street professional investor analysts are on target, ten dollars saved as Bitcoin could be worth one hundred and sixty dollars not many years from today.

Web 3.0 Currencies: Bottom Line for Investors

So what good is it to have such finely divisible currencies?

Think of the micropayments economy. Imagine metered micropayments for only what you or your computer uses when you use an app or website service. Or getting paid that way when others consume and share your content, or even when you see an ad online.

That’s just one reason why KAI Cat recently rounded the $230,000 milestone in its presale on Ethereum.

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