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Cryptocurrencies are getting to be all the rage – and they are getting valuable too. Popular media and news sites like Buzzfeed and CNN, TED Talks and the Daily Mail are all raving about the exciting future that is blockchain technology.

Thanks to all this buzz, it seems that everyone – even your mom – knows about cryptocurrency. But the process of how to acquire – and how to use – cryptocurrencies is still mysterious to most people.

That is, until now: DS Plus aims, with PlusCoin, to demystify cryptocurrency for both the average consumer and the everyday retailer.

Why DS Plus? Well, DS Plus is the market leader in mobile customer loyalty programs. Their team knows what they are doing when it comes to bringing customers and enterprises together.

Given the success of their app, they have the numbers to prove it.

1,000,000 iOS and Android downloads don’t lie, and DS Plus’ 1400 partner enterprises, including many major international retailers and restaurants, prove they know the business.

With PlusCoin, the guys at DS Plus are taking another step in their mission to develop a fully decentralized and user-friendly blockchain-based mobile marketing platform. PlusCoin will be the go-to currency for daily use by average consumers.

The PlusCoin ICO begins September 10th and will continue until November 10th. The Pre-sale was a massive success – and the three-stage ICO is sure to be one too.

Scroll down for more information and pricing – You too can be part of the PlusCoin revolution!

The PlusCoin Project – An Overview

What is PlusCoin?

PlusCoin is the first cryptocurrency that makes things easy for the average consumer. Not only will it be great for customers, but it will be great for enterprises – real businesses which didn’t begin to accept cryptocurrencies until now simply because they didn’t know how.

Using PlusCoin will be easy – and mobile. With full integration into a DS Plus-designed mobile marketplace, customers will have full access to all the promotions offered by partner corporations.

Enterprises are lining up to gain access to the PlusCoin marketplace. PlusCoin has already secured partnerships with corporations like X5 Retail Group, McDonald’s, Reebok, KFC, and Burger King. PlusCoin is a cryptocurrency you can use with brands that matter to you.

Why do people want to own PlusCoin?

Because it is convenient, easy to use, and, as said above, major companies are already jumping to be a part of the PlusCoin marketplace.

PlusCoin customers will have access to sales, deals. and other promotions that actually mean something to them.  DS Plus knows how to target audiences, and partner enterprises will be able to target those customers that they want most. It’s win-win for everybody!

Why do businesses want to accept PlusCoin?

DS Plus specializes in innovative marketing strategies using the latest in digital technologies, and they are making a gigantic step forward in this field with PlusCoin.

By introducing a blockchain based token, they are making it possible for partner enterprises to rapidly increase sales with one particularly innovative new loyalty promotion strategy – Instant cashback.

Cashback is a system where the customer receives money back equalling around 1-2% of the purchase price. Research shows that this is a highly effective way to keep clients. Until now, however, this has been a difficult marketing strategy to implement online. Using a fiat currency, it takes months for banks to redeem funds from cashback promotions.

With PlusCoin, customers no longer have to wait for their money – they get it right away!

Customers’ receiving cashback right away is good for any enterprise because it means that they will come back and spend their money again right away. Instant cash back can increase revenues exponentially, and this is only possible with PlusCoin.

Of course, cashback promotions can be targeted towards particular audiences. The guys at DS Plus call this kind of promotion a “Cryptobonus.”

Get in on the ICO while you still can!

The pre-sale (which is now closed)  took place in August and was a huge success – 1,000,000 tokens (3300 PlusCoins per token) were distributed in just a few weeks. This is the equivalent of $245,000.

The forthcoming ICO will be limited to 9,000,000 tokens. Get in while you still can!

The ICO will be carried out in three stages:

Stage One: 9/10 – 9/29: 10 USD per token

Stage Two: 9/29 – 10/10: 11.5 USD per token

Stage Three 10/10 – 11/10: 13 USD per token

Bonuses are available for bulk token purchases.

Many payment options are available including BitCoin, LiteCoin, Etherium, Time, and DASH.

Official Website:

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