As Stage Two of PlusCoin ICO Approaches, DS Plus Expands Advisory Board, Announces New PlusCoin Bonuses

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The first stage of the PlusCoin has clearly been a success so far. Investment expectations have been surpassed, and the grassroots movement of everyday people behind the “People’s cryptocurrency” is in full swing. Cryptocurrency is getting more accessible for people all around the world.

With fewer than five days left until the beginning of stage two of the ICO, the DS Plus Team is making four major announcements:  

  1. PlusCoin Sale: For the final five days of the first stage of the ICO, there will be a 5% bonus on ALL PlusCoin token purchases.
  2. New Version of DS Plus available on iOS and Android: The DS Plus app has been translated into English and now offers crypto cashback at partner locations worldwide.
  3. The PlusCoin project is seeking new global perspectives: DS Plus invites new advisors to take part in the project.

Purchasing PlusCoin is now easier than ever:

PLC Tokens (=3300 PlusCoin) can be purchased on the official PlusCoin website using BTC, LTC, ETH and DASH

The current PLC Token price is $10 (USD)

Until the end of the first stage, you will receive a 5 percent PlusCoin bonus on all token purchases. This means with the purchase of one First PlusCoin token, you get 165 PlusCoin, free!

Just sign up for an account on the PlusCoin website, make a purchase, and you will receive your PlusCoin and bonus within 12 hours, automatically.

The DS Plus App is now available in English, and PlusCoin partner locations can be found worldwide!

If you know English and you live anywhere in the world, the DS Plus app is now available to you! Here’s how you can use the app to earn great PlusCoin rewards in 4 easy steps:

  1. Download and run the DS Plus mobile app – Available for free on the App and Play Stores.
  2. Search the map to find DS Plus partner enterprises near you.
  3. Earn rewards in PLC by checking in at partner locations, or by purchasing goods or services via the DS Plus MarketPlace.
  4. Use your rewards to continue making purchases in the MarketPlace.

Right now, you can use your PlusCoin to enter to win in some great giveaways. Buy a raffle ticket and you could win PlusCoin jackpots, iPhoneXs, PlayStation 4s, Apple TVs, and more!

Hey experts! Come and join the PlusCoin advisory board! We want to hear your perspective!

The DS Plus advisory board is growing and globalizing. If you are an expert in finance, cryptocurrency, technology, or any other related field, the PlusCoin team would love to hear from you. An open invitation has been issued for new project advisors.

The DS Plus and PlusCoin Advisory Board:

Sergei Sergienko – Co-founder of the Edway Group and CEO of Chronobank.

Sergienko has won a number of rewards for business accomplishment in Australia, being included among the “hot 30 under 30” and named the “Young gun in business.” He has participated in G20 summits, representing Australia. Sergienko knows how to bring the crypto and real economy together, a key mission of the PlusCoin project.

Simone Giacomelli – Blockchain expert and proponent for the development of fintech.

Giacomelli has years of experience working at the cutting-edge of fintech, developing the next generation of blockchain solutions. He is affiliated with the Institute of Data-Driven Design in Boston, Massachusetts. Giacomelli is proving the PlusCoin team with valuable insights on the technical side of the project.

Vugar Pashadjanov – Financial Consultant

Pashadjanov advises the team on business, economics, and financial markets. He is an expert in investment, enthusiastic about the DS Plus mission. His guidance will be essential as DS Plus grows as a business.

Compensation to potential advisors will be discussed on an individual basis. Contact us to learn more. We are waiting to hear from you!

Find out more about DS Plus and the PlusCoin project at

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