Profit from Shiba Memu’s Vision: A Potent Idea to Free Crypto from Mediocre Marketing

Among the plethora of tedious meme coins hitting the market in 2023, a new project stands out. It aims to free crypto from the equally dull and mediocre marketing ploys that have become the norm when promoting new crypto coins.

Projects across the board are finally showing signs of recovery after the harsh conditions of 2022. Shiba Memu is already making headlines during its ICO because of its AI-powered marketing capability.

Having already raised $3.7m during its crypto presale, here’s why so many see Shiba Memu as the key to unlocking effective crypto marketing in the future.

What is Shiba Memu, and how does it work?

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, you’ll know the divisive nature of meme coins. Where some are huge fans of meme culture and their light-hearted approach, others find them worthless, low-value, and often pointless concepts that do nothing more than clutter up crypto markets.

Shiba Memu is determined to redefine the narrative around meme coins by bringing an autonomous approach to crypto marketing thanks to the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Shiba Memu aims to free itself from human intervention and show what’s possible with pioneering AI technology.

By cultivating new AI technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, and a robust data analytics engine, Shiba Memu can sniff out mentions of itself online, assess investor sentiment towards it, and begin to analyze the findings. This clever canine then uses the results to create autonomous marketing campaigns. These are distributed online across social media, websites, and online forums to increase its community and drive up its value.

All of this is powered by the native SHMU token, providing this powerful young pup with energy, vitality, and utility rarely found in meme coins. Coin owners gain access to an interactive AI-enabled dashboard where they can observe their virtual pet’s online interactions in real time and offer feedback via its NLP-enabled chatbot, similar to ChatGPT.

Meanwhile, where users know of websites or communities that could benefit Shiba Memu, they can recommend places to target. If the AI algorithm adopts these suggestions, owners stand to reap the benefits financially through SHMU token rewards.

Users can also earn a healthy passive yield by staking their SHMU token holdings, benefitting from Shiba Memu’s ability to learn, improve, and adapt to shifting market sentiment. The result is a meme coin that will free crypto from the monotony of crypto marketing norms and offer investors the longevity usually missing from meme coin investments.

The Shiba Memu presale

Shiba Memu has already gained enormous traction in the first few months of its presale. Initially planned to last 60 days, the ICO was extended for an additional 60 days. Such was the interest from early-stage investors. The presale ends on 31st October, and the race is on for early investors to make the most of their money as the ICO progresses.

Shiba Memu doesn’t just free crypto from the same old marketing ploys; it also revolutionizes the presale landscape. Investors who reserved their tokens on day one when SHMU was at just $0.011125 have enjoyed daily price increases of $0.000225. These increments equated to a 119.33% ROI by day 60 and will be almost 240% by the end of the ICO.

The remainder of this crypto presale will generate even more excitement among meme coin fans and those looking to find value and innovation from their crypto investments. Currently priced at $0.03363, SHMU is one of the year’s top crypto investment opportunities.

How high can SHMU go?

As Shiba Memu demonstrates how to free crypto from bland, repetitive marketing ploys, it has gotten off to a flyer during its presale thanks to its uniquely structured ICO. With a listing to come on BitMart, Shiba Memu is well-placed as a high-potential, high-value, pioneering crypto marketing tool once the presale ends. It can fly into orbit ahead of the expected bull market in 2024/ 2025.

With coins such as PEPE holding zero utility and yet managing to hit a $1 billion market cap, the sky is truly the limit for SHMU. Some experts predict Shiba Memu could be worth at least $0.50 by 2025, chowing down on a vast market share.

Shiba Memu: Using AI to rapidly accelerate market share

Shiba Memu is a pioneering pup, using AI to free crypto and the meme coin sector from the same old promotional material. By using autonomy to create custom literature and targeting an infinite number of platforms and communities with its crypto marketing, the sky’s the limit for this exciting new player in crypto markets.

The presale ends on 31st October, meaning there’s no time to lose in getting involved with this exciting project. Indeed, the best time to purchase your SHMU tokens was yesterday! So, don’t miss this opportunity to begin seeing instant gains by adding Shiba Memu to your digital portfolio.

Find out how to buy SHMU here.

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