Real Land (RLD): World’s First ICO with 100% Offer Price Guarantee!

In an effort to provide more people the opportunity to invest in real estate, Real Land (RLD) has developed a plan to give small investors access. As the worlds’ first initial property offering on Ethereum Smart-Contracts, Real Land is looking to solve the biggest problem of the IPO/ICO industry.

Currently, most real estate investments are restricted and regulated by estate agents and corporations. By controlling the price, they ensure that real estate is only accessible for rich investors. This has resulted in a skewed industry, which makes the process of liquidizing a problem for internal investors. Shareholders who want to invest units in a country other than their own run into complications. Real Land wants to solve these complications and provide obtainable international investment opportunities.

Real Land is the cumulative effort of many real estate companies coming together to connect every citizen of world with profitable Real Estate units all across the globe. By tokenizing Real Estate units to create small units of every project, Real Land ensures that anyone and everyone can take advantage of secured investment and growth. Real Land researches the units to ensure the value of the investment can grow faster than any other investment. Real Land also gives its unit holders the chance to buy or convert any units from RLD in to a real home, villa, shop, or other real estate venture.

Why RLD?

The founders of Real Land constructed a secure way to take advantage of the “crypto revolution” while making Real Estate accessible. Tangibility and growth of the real estate were grossly missing from the crypto market. By giving small investors a way to participate in global real estate, RLD expects a better yield on investment.

Real Land wanted to open the gate of global real estate investment for global investors without border and government complications. The objective is to give a solid IPO platform everywhere real estate units are tradable.

How It Works

In order to sell small real estate units, Real Land has created RLD tokens so that real estate units can be bought at costs of only 1$. This way, anyone can invest money in global real estate. Real estate units back each token, and these units protect the base value of the RLD Tokens.  Real Land uses a blockchain-secured digital asset with inherent value as a secure cryptocurrency. This allows all users to partake in Real Estate units both on the Real Land platform in other crypto exchanges.

RLD token holders have the right to convert RLD tokens into Real Estate assets. When users purchase RLD tokens, the money will be invested into their listed projects. Every RLD token holder is the owner of real estate units through the tokens. When a RLD token holder converts their RLD tokens into real estate units, their tokens will be burnt from the market. Token holders can convert their RLD tokens into any of the Real Estate unit contracted by Real Land by sending in the RLD tokens worth the value of the Real Estate unit they wish to own. If a token holder doesn’t want to convert RLD into real estate, they will get a 15% yield bonus every year.

RLD is also tradable in different exchanges. The IPO platform is set up so that any investor can transfer or sell their RLD to gain liquidity. This system frees consumers to participate in the Real Estate market without the traditional high barriers of investment.


Real land wants to protect the money of the investors and give them 100 percent guarantee of offer value and a 15 percent return on investments. Other ICO’s offer resource-sponsored tokens that do not have value protection, but Real Land wants to add this benefit for every one of their RLD holders.

A breakdown of the assets is as follows:

  • Real estate Investments – 80%
  • IPO platform – 10%
  • Team – 5%
  • Marketing – 5%

The RLD IPO/ ICO schedule runs from December 5th 2017 to February 5th 2018. The Token Name is RLD, and there are a total of 70,000,000 tokens. All nationalities are accepted, and accepted cryptocurrencies include, but are not limited to: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, NEO, and USDT. Real Land plans to be listed among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The price for 1 RLD is 0.1 ETH.

With every new user, the demand for RLD grows. As more and more users join and buy Real Estate units, Real Land continues buying RLD at the exchanges to sell real estate units to the new clients. Users can buy RLD directly at the exchanges as well. With billions of potential users and RLD buyers, the supply is limited, but Real Land promises that the benefits are worth the investment.


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