SimpleSwap New API for Fiat Exchanges Boosts Partners’ Crypto Earnings

SimpleSwap, a user-oriented and leading-edge crypto exchange platform, aims to give customers the best experience and as many opportunities to get profit as possible. Here, you can learn about our Affiliate Program and its newest feature – API for fiat exchanges.

Why should you choose the SimpleSwap affiliate program?

Benefits, that SimpleSwap affiliate partners enjoy, include:

  • Low withdrawal limit (008 BTC)
  • A wide variety of available web tools such as referral links, API (Application Programming Interface), buttons, banners, and widgets. Such diversity guarantees that anyone can find an instrument for them.
  • Fast and simple start
    True to its name, SimpleSwap is dedicated to making the process as easy as possible. Each tool has clear instructions in text and video formats for the installment. API documentation is available in case more details are necessary.
  • Customizable profit.
    If you use our affiliate tools, every client who makes a finished exchange via SimpleSwap will bring you a4%-2% revenue share.
  • Convenience
    Even if someone of your followers or customers clicks on a referral link but finishes the swap later (within 30 days), you as the affiliated partner will still get a reward in BTC.

SimpleSwap API for Fiat Exchanges

API allows integration of SimpleSwap into other platforms and brings profit in BTC to the affiliate partners. This tool suits crypto wallets, payment systems, as well as different crypto services. The newest development is that now you can use our API for fiat exchanges as well.

Here are some further details on SimpleSwap API for fiat exchanges:

  • It can be used by customers from over 170 countries.
  • More than 80 cryptocurrencies are accessible for trading. Among them, there are BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XMR, USDC, etc. Their number is constantly growing as we include new additions.
  • Fiat options are diverse as well. Customers can choose between such options as the US dollar, euro, and British pound among others.
  • There are several payment methods that users can choose from, including Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, and SEPA. These largely depend on the client’s location and the chosen fiat currency.

What is the process of obtaining an API key for fiat exchanges?

The process is very simple and includes these steps:

  • First, you need to log into the affiliate account, then go to the API tab.
  • You will see three kinds of API keys: all exchanges, only fiat, or only crypto exchanges.

  • Choose the right option, then click the “Add new” button.
  • Provided that the partner already has a key, they can modify it by using a drop-down menu.

How profitable is using SimpleSwap API?

Using our API will bring you a commission of 0.4% for every completed transaction conducted on SimpleSwap. If you wish to increase your earnings, setting a higher commission rate for cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency swaps is possible. Nonetheless, please remember that this will affect the exchange rate.

For trading crypto with fiat currency, there is a fixed commission of 0.4%.

About SimpleSwap

Participating in the SimpleSwap Affiliate program is highly beneficial because currently there are over 900 crypto and fiat currencies. Users do not have to sign up to make transactions. SimpleSwap has been on the market for 5 years and deserved customers’ trust: our rating on TrusPilot is Excellent with an average score of 4.8 and almost 1,400 reviews.

SimpleSwap is a non-custodial service which means that we do not store any user assets. Our great rates are achieved by working with several leading exchanges.

All in all, the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program provides a profitable and convenient way of creating a source of passive crypto income that you can customize. With low withdrawal limits and a wide variety of web tools, affiliates can enjoy a convenient and profitable partnership with SimpleSwap.


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