SmarterWorx (ARTX) Set To Combine Multiple Systems To Challenge Synthetix Network (SNX) And GMX (GMX) Simultaneously

SmarterWorx is a dual-enabling technology that works in both the real and digital worlds. By using the arts, which find expression in many forms of paintings, drawings, and sculptures in the actual world, it scales both. They are NFTs in the metaverse, and they stand in for every character or object in the virtual world.

In essence, this implies that both physical works of art and their associated collectibles, which represent a work of art’s digital twin, were produced as Non-fungible Tokens.

The platform supports the cryptocurrency ARTX, a one-of-a-kind token with practical applications backed by an expanding collection of works of art. The team’s goal is to create ARTX as a long-lasting coin that increases in value over time, withstands the test of time, and rewards the company’s ardent supporters. The digital twin, together with their work of art, supports the floor price of the token.

The ARTX system will function by initially contributing 5% of all ARTX tokens to a treasury fund wallet, which is used to buy distinctive and undervalued artworks with significant growth potential. The acquired artworks make up the art portfolio that underpins the coin.

Like art dealers, SmarterWorx may occasionally sell pieces from the portfolio to make money. In addition, 50% of the revenue will be spent on ARTX token purchases and burns to eliminate them from circulation and fend against inflationary effects inside the ARTX token network.

Synthetix Network (SNX)

A protocol for creating synthetic assets that offer returns for another asset without requiring the holder to retain it. It utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to function. The Synthetix network allows for the trade of artificial commodities like Gold, artificial cryptocurrencies, artificial indices, artificial fiat currencies, etc. (assets not based on the blockchain are made available via the network creating a more robust financial market).

The native token of the network is SNX, which enables the development of Synths (synthetic assets that run on the Synthetix blockchain). SNX may be acquired on approved cryptocurrency exchanges.


A spot and swap exchange that operates independently and without authorization. Utilizing a crypto wallet, the platform enables simple trading of cryptocurrencies supported by the native blockchain.

The platform also supports staking, and users that stake their assets will be rewarded with GMX tokens. Users of the GMX trade both the perpetual futures contract and spot swaps.

Its native coin, called GMX, serves as the GMX protocol’s governance and utility token.

While GMX and SNX both serve as staking and crypto exchange tokens, they fall short of having additional uses outside of their ecosystems.

They are a “not too excellent” system since they lack a real-world asset to support them.


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