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Dealing with cryptocurrencies can be a bit hard whether you are new to the scene of blockchain, an occasional crypto enthusiast or even a seasoned veteran. The necessity to understand every aspect of how every digital currency works coupled with a number of key limitations of an immature industry tend to push people away from really enjoying cryptocurrencies.

One of the most important limitations is actually using cryptocurrencies as they were intended. As of August 2018, there are over 1,600 coins on the blockchain and only very few of those are accepted as payment. To use digital currency in daily life, people have to convert it to fiat, which means they are to cover the cost of services from intermediaries that help with the conversion. In a decentralized economy, paying high costs to middlemen to spend Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies is something less than ideal.

Most crypto holders cannot really do much with the coins they carry on their digital wallet. Spending is a difficult close to impossible feat. Take, for example, people in China. Following new legal actions to limit activities using cryptocurrencies, including banning access to all foreign exchanges, most holders are considering traveling to Japan just to be able to conduct financial operations in crypto.

A new way to unite the crypto and the real worlds

An ideal solution should be one that allows everyone to join the cryptocurrency movement freeing people to decide when and where to pay using their coins and not lose their money on high intermediary fees. One that makes it so appealing and simple that people will finally consider it over traditional banking and fiat-based payment methods. One that unlocks the full potential of a complete crypto economy.

Where there is a need there is a way. A solution that meets these goals and goes even beyond is what World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC) is offering. With WCDC, users of crypto and people who have considered joining the crypto world will be able to access better services that really give them more advantages over limitations related to spending and conversions.

WCDC is actually a unified approach at making all aspects of using cryptocurrencies coupled with fiat money much more enjoyable and possible for everyone. From trading and exchanging to spending your coins. Their services will allow users to seamlessly switch from using digital currencies to using fiat currency in a heartbeat.

The team over at WCDC understands crypto holders and their needs and is offering new amazing opportunities for everyone interested in using digital currencies. One of their products is an innovative card called BR Card that combines crypto with fiat making it possible for anyone to use any assets at their discretion. This enables people to make use of online and offline payment services without the expected limitations of being accepted only in select locations.

On top of this, everyone will be able to manage crypto and fiat assets in a bank-like set of services. WCDC users will have an electronic bankbook that will let them conduct real-time transfers of money and access their history of transactions via web or on the WCDC mobile application.

One more key aspect to promote use of WCDC services and increase customer loyalty is the addition of a point accumulation system. Clients will be able to earn points and redeem for cash and other privileges. The BR Card will work in cooperation with a network of financial institutions thus making financial settlements for businesses and individuals possible through both online and offline modes.

WCDC aims to become a perfect combination of crypto and fiat which will provide businesses and consumers with all the tools necessary to adopt cryptocurrencies at a large scale and tap into the full potential of using crypto in a completely decentralized economy.

About the project:

World Credit Diamond Coin or WCDC is working hard on developing a project that aimed to bring a real-life solution for the crypto spending problem. Focusing on e-payments and making use fiat and crypto, they provide services to manage all digital assets in electronic accounts much like online banking allows it, they have included a customer loyalty and rewards program that lets users accumulate points for using services and a tool to enable merchants to adopt crypto payments. It is clear that WCDC is addressing the needs of individuals and businesses and presenting with one of the most complete solutions in the current market.

Sharing some of the milestones achieved for the WCDC team it was announced that their cryptocurrency will be listed on CoinSuper – a TOP-10 exchange of digital currencies.

They have kicked off an Airdrop, where up to 20,000 lucky ones can get 40 WCDC tokens completely free. More information can be found on their official Telegram chat.

WCDC is welcoming new members to join and enjoy a new generation of crypto services and of making crypto payments. To learn more about the company’s journey you can check their website out and keep up with all of the most important news and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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