Tokens Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Embarks on an ICO


The next generation cryptocurrency trading platform with Dynamic Trading Rights, Tokens has announced the commencement of its ICO campaign. The token sale went live on November 6, 2017, and has in two days already raised over 60% of the designated hard cap. The project is keeping up with evolving industry trends to provide the best service while setting the standards high.

Considering the growth of the cryptocurrency market, propelled by recent ICO token launches, backers will at a certain point ask tokens to be listed at some exchange. This is the opportunity for Tokens to provide the platform where such transactions will occur. We may see an overall lack of trust, transparency issues, safety and reliability failures and this is where Tokens plans to step in to set the industry benchmarks. With excellence in users’ experience, it plans to build the future exchange for ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies foreseen to evolve in the future

Tokens is introducing Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR). DTR tokens will represent a right to make a trade on the Tokens platform on any currency pair listed at any time. Since the DTR price will be dynamic, payable transaction fee in DTR will depend on its current market price at the time of the trade. It is expected early stage DTR owners would effectively pay less DTR on the long-run due to price appreciation what makes DTR so unique.

In addition, Tokens will also introduce DTR Voice for its future decision endorsements. The platform would seek periodic consultation from the platform users that would contribute to an individualized user experience.

Tokens is founded by Damian Merlak, the co-founder of Bitstamp, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform with over $1 billion monthly turnovers. Damian has owned the position of cryptocurrency expert and is migrating his brand to a new innovative platform to capture the increasing public interest in cryptos. The Tokens platform development will be funded through the ICO. He commits his time fully to the project and has gathered a seasoned team of industry professionals.

The ongoing ICO will end on December 6, 2017, providing a 30-day window for interested participants to purchase the platform’s tokens.  More information about the platform and ongoing token sale is available at

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