TradersBit: Launch and Trading Competition

TradersBit, the marketplace for actionable streams of Bitcoin trading signals, has now launched in beta. TradersBit is the creation of Cluda, a company based in Nesbyen, Norway. The platform offers people new opportunities to earn money through their understanding of the Bitcoin market.

Publishing trading signals are free and give publishers the opportunity to earn money by selling subscriptions to their streams and winning competitions.

A trading signal contains information about when to buy or sell Bitcoins. Signals can be submitted manually through the website or through the API. The API makes it possible to connect trading bots and other applications.

There are statistical data analysis summaries available for each stream. When subscribing to a stream, users can receive signals via email or have the signaled trades automatically executed through their own brokerage accounts (coming soon).

The goal is to create a reputable marketplace for publishers to prove their trading abilities and for subscribers to share in the profit of their success.


TradersBit is launching a trading competition as part of its debut. This competition is going to be the first of many, at least until selling subscriptions becomes more profitable for publishers. Skilled traders will be able to compete for the prize of 1 BTC and stream promotion through TradersBit’s various social media campaigns. The signal stream with the largest simulated net profit by 5 March 2016 23:59 UTC wins. Every publisher can enter up to three streams in the competition.

Users are encouraged to check out TradersBit to learn more about this introductory trading competition and to see what TradersBit has to offer in general. The marketplace will give plenty of opportunities when it comes to Bitcoin trading signals.

This project has received financial support from Innovation Norway and Nes Kommune (Buskerud).

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